What Helps Cramps? How to Reduce Period Cramps Fast

What Helps Cramps? How to Reduce Period Cramps Fast

There is nothing more discomforting than having your period as a woman. Complement it with period cramps and pain and you have an unimaginably painful, upsetting, and ugly experience. That constant sensation of throbbing and cramping pains which could last for days even make this occurrence a dreaded one among the female population. Good thing, there are natural and easy-to-follow ways of reducing these often debilitating symptoms. In this list, we will discuss 8 major methods on what helps cramps. But first, how can this condition get to be so painful?

Period cramps basically take place due to the hormone prostaglandin. The endometrial cells in the uterine wall produce a huge amount of this hormone just before menstruation kicks in. When it does happen, prostaglandins are released since these cells are broken down. The blood vessels in the uterus constrict and as a result, the muscle layers contract. The endgame of it all is the painful period cramps. This is a normal event among women through some experience secondary symptoms such as vomiting, headaches, or even diarrhea, causing more discomfort along the way. Now, let us go ahead with the main discussion of trying to alleviate this often agonizing experience.

What Helps Cramps? How to Reduce Period Cramps Fast

How to Reduce Period Cramps Fast

Use Hot Water Bottle

What Helps Cramps – Applying Heat

You can apply heat to your abdomen and lower back to help reduce period cramps and pain by relaxing the constricting uterine muscles. There are many options for doing so. Heating pad and patches, for one thing, can be bought over-the-counter. For an alternative option, try making your own homemade heating pad by soaking two towels with water. After squeezing out the excess water, put one towel in a ziplock bag and microwave it for 2 minutes. Remember to leave it open. Only close the ziplock bag when you finally remove it from the microwave. Wrap it with the second wet towel and apply to the affected area. This could last for roughly 20 minutes.

Those brightly colored tape used by athletes can also be utilized for its ability to relieve the symptoms. Applying these kinesiology or Kinesio tapes, which can be bought online or at any athletic supply stores, to your pelvis before or during a period do not only reduce muscle tension but also improve blood circulation.

Chamomile Tea

What Helps Cramps – Chamomile and Other Herbal Teas

The fragrant chamomile tea contains essential compounds that can relieve period cramps and pain. A research study found an increased level of hippurate in the urine samples of its participants who took chamomile tea. This natural anti-inflammatory compound decreases the synthesis of prostaglandin which is associated with the menstrual symptoms. Simply steep 1 teaspoon of chamomile powder in 1 cup of warm water for at least 5 minutes. Add some honey or sugar to taste and drink this regularly especially once the symptom kicks in.

You can also benefit from the antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon tea to alleviate the period pain and cramping. Repeat the same process with that of chamomile. Sprinkle some cinnamon in your breakfast foods too. Or try some ginger, cooked or raw, that has the similar effect of lowering prostaglandins. Drink boiled slices of it that are mixed with honey or steep its grated or powdered form to make a tea. Lastly, don’t forget to add peppermint on your list of homemade remedies.

What Helps Cramps – Healthy Diet

What Helps Cramps – Healthy Diet

Decreasing your consumption of fatty foods and increasing vegetables instead can help you deal with period cramps and pain. It isn’t just for the heart, it’s also for your menstrual cramps as it reduces inflammation in general. So start incorporating a low-fat, swapping them with unsaturated fats alternatively, and a vegetable-filled regime to your dietary program. Another essential mineral is magnesium. A more extensive study is needed to solidify magnesium’s benefit for your period but it is considered generally as an effective way of relieving pain.

Try taking in some supplement along with consuming foods rich in magnesium but be careful with the daily dosage, of which 320 mg a day is recommended for women at a childbearing age. Make sure to get enough vitamin D as well. Recent studies showed that vitamin D3 can significantly decrease period cramps and pain. In addition, vitamin B-1 and B-12 serve as a natural relief.

What Helps Cramps – Fish Oil and Other Essential Oils

What Helps Cramps – Fish Oil and Other Essential Oils

Fish oil and other types of omega-3 fatty acid are incredible in lowering inflammation, making them very useful and effective at reducing period cramps and pain. Try taking fish oil supplements to compensate the daily need for omega-3 especially since our bodies cannot really generate them. Cypress oil, in addition, can enhance blood circulation and thus help relieve the symptoms. Even peppermint oil works as a warm compress. Simply use these essential oils for a massage therapy for about 20 minutes to help you deal with the condition. The powerful anti-inflammatory extra virgin olive oil should not also be excluded. You can make the most out of it by tossing them in your salad or as a food supplement. Other essential oils you can use include cardamom which helps the lower period pain, cumin that is so versatile you can use them as a spice, and fennel which works by reducing the frequency and intensity of the uterine contraction.


What Helps Cramps – Take an Epsom Salt Bath and/or Acupuncture

A warm, relaxing Epsom salt bath has been treating athletes for a long time and the effect it brings to muscle pains also holds true when it comes to relieving period cramps. The skin absorbs the magnesium sulfate it contains, reducing water retention, bloating, and inflammation in the process. The warm water heats up the body as well, helping you de-stress and release the toxins. Lastly, it enhances blood circulation, relieving period pain and providing comfort and relief. Top 10 Epsom Salt Bath Benefits

On one hand, the 2,000 years old Chinese medicine of pricking the skin with small needles to stimulate special points in the body—called acupuncture—helps relax the nervous system, causing an increased blood circulation in the various parts of the body. This, in turn, can help reduce period pain and cramps including other minor symptoms like nausea and headaches. The improvements really aren’t limited to that, as it can improve overall bodily function and enhance vitality.

What Helps Cramps – Exercise, Do some Yoga and Get More Sleep

Exercise might be the last thing in your mind amid your period cramps and pain. Well, consider this: exercise stimulates the release of endorphin, a feel-good hormone that can literally act as a painkiller by reducing your menstrual woes. Talk about minimizing pain-relief medications. Of course, this doesn’t really entail serious workout sessions; a simple brisk walk or any other types of moderate exercise is enough, so long as your body keeps pumping more blood. Home Workout: Top 10 Exercises To Do At Home

Yoga, another gentle physical activity, does the same thing. In fact, the general consensus is that doing yoga during your period is not only safe but is also effective in reducing the intensity and extent of the symptoms. Various yoga poses such as cat, fish, and cobra can greatly help. You should take extra measures through in avoiding extreme poses such as inversions, backbends, and intense twists. Finally, do yourself a favor and get more sleep. Take time preparing since some find it hard to do so during their cycle. Try cooling down your room enough to make it comfortable.

What Helps Cramps – Have an Orgasm

Getting turned on during a passionate activity in the bedroom with your partner, or even by yourself, might be the second last thing in your mind when suffering from period cramps. There’s no wonder since the hormone progesterone, which is associated with a low level of libido or sexual drive, along with estrogen plunges during this time. Now, despite a lack of substantial clinical evidence to support the direct correlation between orgasm, the climax of sexual excitement, and period cramps and pain, scientific studies still suggest it can help.

Yes, having sex and/or masturbation can make you feel better, naturally, because it does feel good but also because it releases feel-good hormones such as endorphins that can reduce pain the way exercise does. It also increases blood flow especially in the relaxed uterus just before an orgasm to help ease the period of pain, all the while increasing woman’s tolerance for pain. Plus, it will make you feel more relaxed and can even induce sleep. Female Orgasm: 14 Facts About the Female Orgasm

What Helps Cramps – Medication and Paying a Visit to the Doctor

Trying all these natural and homemade remedies do not mean totally ignoring medications; especially that in some cases, turning to medicines seem necessary. You can relatively rely on NSAID—nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication—that can reduce the production of prostaglandin, a substance associated with period cramps, and address pain and inflammation. They are usually over-the-counter but taking a valid and reliable recommendation from your doctor should be your utmost priority.

Speaking of which, when the bleeding together with the symptoms becomes too incapacitating, hampering your daily activities even with medications already taken, never hesitate to see a doctor. If it gets severe than the usual, finding out the major cause of your period cramps and pain which can only be done through a consultation can make all the difference.