Top 20 Castor Oil Uses

Top 20 Castor Oil Uses

In today’s day and age, it is not much difficult to miss out on the handy home remedies with the never-ending list of pricey and barely effective products in the market. It is a little overwhelming and a lot of us would like to own an inexpensive and effective product that can be used for self-care. This is where castor oil fits in just right, being the go-to solution for most of the ailments. This miraculous oil dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilization and has been around for centuries in households and its uses still have no equal. Castor oil uses, primarily vary in the manner of its use as it has not just anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties but also it has traditionally been used for skin, hair and health benefits. Here is a quick outline of some of the most important as well as extraordinary castor oil uses in accordance with the ways it is used. Here are our picks for Castor Oil uses that hits the top twenty list –

Top 20 Castor Oil Uses

Promotes Hair Growth Faster

Time to bring your hair care life to the line as castor oil has become a most sought-after treatment for growing healthier and thicker mane. By boosting blood circulation in the scalp to its best, the oil along with promoting hair growth reduces split ends and prevents irregular breakage of hair as well.  Not just that, it conditions and moisturizes the mane too.

Constipation Cures

Castor oil works as a natural mild laxative to relieve constipation. The various components in castor oil act as a powerful laxative. Castor oil benefits the bowel movements by helping the bowel to retain its moisture, which allows the fecal matter to pass through the colon in an easy way.

Prevent Fungal Growth

A biochemical agent namely, undecylenic acid is present in the oil. This agent is used to stop the fungal growth, showcasing one of many castor oils uses. The undecylenic acid makes up a natural remedy ideal for numerous types of fungal infections like yeast infections, athlete’s foot and even ringworm, a common and stubborn problem across all age groups.

Heals Dry, Blemished and Acne Prone Skin

Acne, a common skin condition amongst all age groups, is an outcome of impurities accumulated in the pores of the skin, leading to the skin becoming dry, irritated and inflamed. Acne-prone dry skin is not generally advised to use oils, as most oils tend to clog pores and hence aggravate and intensify the problem. But using castor oil can prove to be beneficial in reducing acne partly owing to its ability to moisturize the skin. Castor oil, being rich in ricinoleic acid, draws out dirt, dead skin cells, excess oils and bacteria without drying out the skin. The fatty acids present in castor oil penetrate deep into a scar tissue and plump it out while encouraging the growth of healthy tissues around it. This helps to fade the blemishes and dark spots away, leaving the skin smooth, supple and revitalized.

Arthritis Cure at Home

The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil make it a perfect massage oil for relieving pain from arthritic joints, sore muscles, and inflammatory nerves. It is due to the presence of the wondrous ricinoleic acid in the oil for which it can boost anti-inflammatory properties within the body by soothing the sore muscles. This beneficial ability is just another aspect from one of the unlimited list of castor oil uses.

Immunity Booster

Various immune system functions can be improved by proper and regulated intake of castor oil. Castor oil uses the body to produce an adequate level of antibodies which help to improve the immune system.

Use as a Treatment for Scalp Fungal Infection

Scalp infection amounts to major hair problems like bald patches, dandruff, and itchy scalp, this is where the castor oil uses to draw in. Using castor oil can help get rid of these issues as the oil is anti-fungal and antibacterial.

As a Disinfection

Castor oil records to have powerful anti-microbial properties that make it very effective as a disinfectant. Castor oil heals wounds, bug bites, rashes, itches and any kind of skin inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil help to get rid of burns and pain.

Prevents Stretch Marks

Stretch marks caused by pregnancy or rapid weight gain or hormonal imbalance are stubborn and not easy to do away with. Such marks stimulate the elastin and collagen production of the skin which is primarily considered responsible for the skin’s elasticity. The more elastic the skin is, the less are the stretch marks and this is where castor oil uses come into play. The properties of this miraculous oil help prevent the marks from surfacing.

Castor Oil and Baking Soda as a Home Remedy for Skin Tags

Treat Premature Graying

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of the oil help to fight microorganisms. Owing to such properties, the unanticipated loss of hair pigment is prevented.

Soothe Menstrual Cramps Fast

Castor oil packs increase the blood flow and circulation in the uterus. The oil detoxifies the uterine area by reducing and easing out the inflammations. By promoting circulation to the uterus it prevents the menstrual cramps.

Used to Make Lip Balms

Like many of the castor oil uses mentioned above, this one is also not commonly known. The oil is used in many lip balms which are commercially sold. This is due to its rich fatty acid content that helps hydrate and smoothen the lips. The oil also helps in lightening dark lips along with moisturizing dry and chapped lips as well.

Induces Labor Naturally

Castor oil is a time-honored natural remedy for inducing labor. For centuries, pregnant women at full term have been given castor oil to help speed up the contractions of the uterus. Consumption of castor oil benefits women during their pregnancy by balancing the hormones naturally. This is how castor oil uses are best utilized for pregnant women to have an easy delivery.

Softens Heels

Heels crack easily when they are rough and hard. Cracked heels can be painful. The oil on application gets quickly absorbed into the skin. It hydrates the heels and moisturizes thoroughly, leaving them soft and smooth.

Castor Oil as an Inhibitor

Castor oil uses don’t just limit to household ailments. The oil has been found to be used for a variety of medicinal purposes as well, as in medicines used for chemotherapy and also the ones used as an HIV protease inhibitor.

Castor Oil

Stop Signs of Aging

The properties of the oil help prevent premature aging. Fine lines and wrinkles, the primary signs of aging can be embarrassing. These lines and marks stimulate the elastin and collagen production of the skin which is primarily considered responsible for the skin’s elasticity. The more elastic the skin is, the less are the marks and this is where castor oil uses come into play.

Industrial Use

Castor oil uses have no end and are clearly not limited to one specific field of interest. The oil has industrial uses as well. The oil is used as a food additive and a preservative. Oiling of our customary food grains like rice, wheat and much more with castor oil, prevents the grains to catch microbes and makes them a pest repellant. The oil is a natural food preservative.

Use as a Treatment for Warts and Moles

Castor oil being a versatile remedy for almost every ailment, do not leave out the treatment of warts and moles in like manner. By the cause of its antibacterial characteristics, the oil cures out irritable warts and moles when applied to the area. Read More – How to Get Rid of Warts: Best Home Remedies for Warts

Reduce Hair Loss

The ultimate product to all your hair care problems is this oil. The oil not just promotes faster hair growth but also prevents excessive and unnatural loss of hair. Its properties help in the growth of new hair follicles by keeping the scalp healthy.

Toothache Relief

The anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities of the oil help fight germs and bacteria in the cavities. The oil also soothes the pain that takes place due to it. A toothache can thus get treated this way by the help of castor oil.