Top 15 Home Remedies for Ear Aches

Top 15 Home Remedies for Ear Aches

Ear ache does not only affect the children, it also affects the adults. There are various known causes of an earache and when it happens, it might affect just one or both ears. Normally, most reported cases involve just one ear and the pain is usually sharp or burning. It might be pain that comes and goes, or might also be pain that is constantly felt for a prolonged time. Ear ache is commonly associated with colds, flu or an infection on the ears. In the case of cold and flu, it is actually one of the early signs that occur when one is about to go down with the cold or flu. If it is an infection that is causing the person to have an ear ache, it is important to ensure that the person seeks treatment so as to avoid possible hearing loss. There are various home remedies for ear aches that you might try to treat the pain when it occurs. Let’s have a close look to some of the home remedies for ear aches.Olive Oil

Olive oil

This essential oil is used to treat various conditions including relieving ear aches. The olive oil serves as a lubricant when used in the ears and therefore helps in getting rid of infections that could be causing you pain in the ears. Also, it is effective in removing deposited wax which could also be causing you the ear pain. To use pure olive oil for an ear ache, simply pour 3-4 drops of lukewarm olive oil in the affected ear and cover with a cotton ball to avoid the oil from spilling out. Also, you can soak a cotton ball in olive oil and put it firmly into the ear. Another method could be lying down on one side with the ear that is aching facing up, use a dropper to put oil in the ear and gently massage on the outer side and leave the oil inside for some time. This can be a good solution at night when you are just about to go to bed. If the pain is intense, you can cover the ear with warm compress after pouring the oil inside. These methods should be repeated several times daily so that it is effective. When the earaches stop completely, you can then stop using this treatment. Read more – Top 10 Olive Oil Benefits


Use Garlic to Treat Ear ache

Among the top home remedies for ear aches is the garlic which is known to have analgesic and antibiotic properties to fight ear infections. This ear ache treatment method has been used for a long time and has been proven to be very effective.  Before using the garlic treatment method, it is important to ensure the eardrum has not ruptured. Take one portion of garlic and mince it with two teaspoons of sesame oil. The oil and minced garlic should be mixed well before you cool it. When you have a perfect mixture, you need to cool it and filter the oil. Take the filtered oil and put in a container from which you will be using the oil. Put 2-3 drops of the oil in the aching ear thrice a day. Alternatively, you can mince two to three cloves of garlic and extract the liquid that you use on the aching ear. Read more – Top 10 Health Benefits of Garlic


Treatment of Earache Using Onion

Being readily available, this is also one of the recommended home remedies for ear aches. This is because it contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties which are good for treating infections in the ear and also soothing the ear to stop the aching.

To use this home remedy for ear ache, you need to grate onions and extract onion juice from the onions. Then, you should place it over low heat just to give it a lukewarm feel. Once it has the lukewarm feel, you need to put 2 to 3 drops of the juice into the ear that has the pain. Repeat this for 3 times each day until the pain is gone. An alternative method is grating the onions and wrapping it in a piece of cloth that is thoroughly cleaned prior to using it. Then you press the onions so that they produce the juice and drop 2-3 drops into the ear. This also should be repeated for 3 times at least every day until the pain is gone. Read more – Top 10 Onion Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts


Use Hot Water Bottle Treatment Method

Use Hot Water Bottle Treatment Method

Did you know that putting heat around an infected ear will relieve the pain? You just need to heat water and while it is hot put it in a bottle. Then wrap the bottle with a towel and press it against the ear that has pain for at least two minutes. Remove and repeat the same again until the third time or until when the water cools. You can do this treatment before going to bed every evening and early in the morning before leaving for work.


Ginger Treats Earache

Filled with strong anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is very useful when it comes to home treatment. It is one of the home remedies for ear aches that have been used for a long time now. Not only is it a good remedy for an ear ache, it is also known to be a good painkiller. Extract the fresh ginger juice and put 2 to 3 drops into the ears so as to get relieved from the ear pain. This will also effectively reduce the inflammation. If you have olive oil, you can grate ginger root and mix it with 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Let it infuse for 5 to 10 minutes and put a few drops of the oil in the aching ear.

Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint oil and the peppermint leaves are effective home remedies for ear aches. The peppermint has for many years been used for its ability to eliminate inflammation and therefore making it an ideal solution for a painful ear ache. If using the peppermint oil for treating ear ache in children, you should always dilute it accordingly to avoid causing irritation on the skin of the kid. Mix the peppermint oil with jojoba oil or olive oil and rub gently on the outside of the aching ear. Then you can put one or two drops of the mixture into the ears. Let it be absorbed and then you can wipe it off after some minutes. Repeat this treatment two times a day every day until the problem is gone. Read more – Top 23 Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Oil

This essential oil is very powerful in healing and relieving inflammation in the ear canal. If used, lavender oil will also provide a soothing effect on the ear taking away the pain. Even the medical professionals have given a recommendation to the use of lavender oil for an ear ache. To treat an ear ache using this method, you need to take the oil and mix it with coconut oil. Then, take a clean cloth and pour some warm water on the cloth. Ring the cloth and put drops of lavender and coconut oil mixture at the center of the cloth. Then you need to massage the outer part of the ear with the oil for some minutes. Repeat this treatment as often as needed until the pain has gone. Read more – Top 10 Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Basil as Remedy for Earaches

Herbal home remedies for an ear ache have been used for a long time and the widely recommended herb is Basil. It contains analgesic anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties making it the best remedy for ear aches. Collect basil leaves and crush them extracting the juice produced. Then you should add 3-4 drops of the juice in the ear that has pain. The treatment can be repeated twice every day until when the pain clears completely.



Further on home remedies for ear aches, we have the Neem plant which is also referred to as Indian Lilac. The plant is known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties which are essential components in the known home remedies for an ear ache. Also, it has the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects which are good for reducing ear ache.

To treat an earache, collect the leaves of the Neem herb and crush them to extract the juice. Take the fresh juice and put a few drops in the ear that is experiencing an ear ache. Alternatively, you can soak a cotton ball in the Neem oil and squeeze out excess oil. Put the cotton ball into the ear and leave it there for a few minutes. This can be repeated once or twice a day until you get relief from an ear ache.

Bishop`s Weed - Aegopodium Podagraria

Bishop`s Weed – Aegopodium Podagraria

Also referred to as ajwain, Bishop`s weed has been classified as one of the home remedies for ear aches for several years. The weed contains antiseptic and antimicrobial properties which makes it a very good solution for ear aches. Extract one teaspoon of the bishop weed oil and mix three teaspoons of sesame essential oil and warm slightly. While the mixture is lukewarm, put a few drops of the mixture in the ear. An alternative method is to add the bishop`s weed oil to garlic cloves and mince the garlic. Then you add two to three drops of the oil into the ear to heal the earaches.

Top 15 Home Remedies for Ear Aches

Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano Oil

The oregano oil is packed with active ingredients and has antioxidant properties. It has been one of the most used home remedies for ear aches as these properties are effective in healing infections. The oil is also used to remove any blockages in the ear and relieves the resulting pain. Blend oregano oil with a carrier oil such as the olive oil and massage gently on the outside part of the ear. Note that the oil should not be put into the ear canal. Repeat this treatment at least twice a day until the ear ache is gone.

Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

The astringent property of tree oil makes one of the best home remedies for an ear ache. The oil is also a strong antiviral and an antibacterial hence it is incredibly trusted to heal an ear ache.  The antibacterial properties heal the infections while the astringent properties help in healing the infected area. When using tea tree oil as a home remedy for an ear ache, you need to use it along with carrier oil like the olive oil. Therefore, take 3 drops of tea tree oil, and add it to 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Then, you need to heat the solution slightly so that the mixture thins. Use an eyedropper to put up to three drops of the mixture into the ear canal. Read more – Top 10 Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Thyme Oil

Thyme Oil

This oil contains an active ingredient that is referred to as Thymol. This has incredible anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which help to reduce the discomfort that is caused by an earache. To heal the infection, you need to use this oil along with effective carrier oil like lavender oil or the olive oil. Mix the Thyme oil with a carrier oil and gently apply it to the outer side of the ear. Note that the thyme oil should not be placed inside the ear canal.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Treat Earache

For many years, this has been also acknowledged among the home remedies for earaches and this is because of the anti-inflammatory properties. Place several drops of the hydrogen peroxide into the affected ear and let it stay for about three minutes. Then after the period elapses, you can rinse the ear with clean distilled water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

The ear infections are caused by fungus and Apple cider vinegar is a known antifungal option. Apple cider vinegar is also a good solution for killing the bacterial infections and relieving the earache. To use this solution, mix one part of apple cider vinegar with equal amount of water and soak a cotton ball in the solution. Remove the cotton ball and put in the ear leaving it there for about five minutes. Those are some of the commonly used home remedies for ear aches. If the problem persists, you should seek further treatment from a doctor. Read more – Top 25 Apple Cider Vinegar Uses

Top 15 Home Remedies for Ear Aches