Top 10 White Wine Benefits

Top 10 White Wine Benefits

Red wine has been always in the spotlight because of its long list of health benefits. This article will focus more on its lighter and sweeter cousin, which is the white wine. A lot of people do not know that white wine benefits are almost the same as that of the red wine. It has been well documented by researchers and medical experts that red wine is good for lowering cholesterol, boosting heart health, balancing blood sugar, strengthening the immune system, improving brain function, and many more, but many of these health benefits can also be attributed to white wine. In fact, there have been some studies indicating that white wine may contain higher levels of antioxidants than red wine.

Nutritional Profile of White Wine

White wine benefits may not be as extensive as red wine, but it still contains powerful antioxidants and nutrients that can boost your overall health. White wine can provide you with 3 percent of magnesium in one serving. The human body needs a healthy dose of magnesium in order to produce beneficial enzymes. White wine also contains other essential minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus.

When it comes to important vitamins, white wine contains 3 percent riboflavin or vitamin B2 per serving. White wine benefits can provide all three vitamin B such as vitamin B3 or niacin and vitamin B6, which are great for getting an extra energy boost for the body. Here are the top ten white wine benefits that will surprise you.

Help Improve Heart Health

If you are a white wine drinker, this is good news for you. One of the best white wine benefits is boosting your heart health. One study has found that white wine can have the same heart benefits as red wine. Many people know that red wine is the popular choice for cardiovascular health. Also, it is often believed that the skin of the grapes is the plus factor for red wine when it comes to antioxidants and vital nutrients. This study discovered that the core of the grapes has the same nutritional value and offers the same benefits for the heart. Consuming two glasses of white wine each day can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by 25 percent.

White wine can help prevent many heart diseases such as heart attack, rhythm disturbances, stroke, and many more. It contains tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol, which are 2 compounds that prevent artery blockage. By preventing blockages in the artery, this can significantly lower the risk of heart attack. Another research has shown that people who drink white wine have lowered their risk of heart attack by 30 percent, compared to the non-drinkers.

White wine also helps boost heart health because it is capable of improving your cholesterol level. One study has found that people who drank white wine and exercise twice a week had significant improvement in their cholesterol levels.

Good for the Lungs

One study has found that white wine is stronger than red wine when it comes to keeping your lungs healthy. White wine benefits include powerful antioxidants that constantly fight free radicals that can damage the lung tissues. Researchers believe that this antioxidant property of white wine helps in maintaining healthier lungs. However, white wine can only be beneficial to your lungs if it is taken in moderation. Don’t drink too much if you want to improve your lung condition and prevent any lung disease.

Promotes Weight Loss

If you are overweight or you want to trim down and get fit, it would be a great idea to drink white wine regularly. White wine benefits can help you with your weight loss program, but you also need to maintain a balanced diet and exercise daily. Plus, white wine is better than red wine when trying to lose weight because it has lesser calories.

White wine is rich in antioxidants such as quercetin, epicatechin, and resveratrol, which can help burn those fats and trim down your waistline. One or two glasses per day are enough to keep the antioxidants working for you. However, keep in mind that over-indulging can spike up your calorie consumption and have the opposite effect on your weight. It is very important to drink white wine in moderation.

Prevents the Development of Cancer

White wine benefits can be powerful enough to stop and prevent the development of cancer. White wine contains flavonoids, which is known to fight and kill cancer cells. There are hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol present in white wine, which prevents the development of cancer cells. All of these white wine compounds can contribute to a healthier internal system in your body that lowers the risk of cancer. In a study done several years ago, researchers discovered that white wine is capable of protecting human cells from breast cancer, just like red wine. Other studies have found positive results in protecting your body against bowel cancer and colon cancer.

White Wine Benefits

Promotes Brain Health

Wine or any alcoholic drinks are always deemed very destructive to the brain since it gets you drunk and intoxicated. However, drinking white wine in moderation can help promote healthier brain function. One study has shown that people drinking white wine in moderation has improved their brain cells and boosted their brain functions.

Most people drink white wine to reduce stress, fatigue, and anxiety. This is why many people drink white wine because it is one of the best ways to feel relaxed and stress-free. White wine makes you feel good and happy, which is beneficial, not just for your brain but also for your overall health.

White wine benefits include relaxing substances that calms your nerves and keeps you relaxed, thus inducing you to have better sleep quality. If you are having problems sleeping at night, you can drink one glass of white wine before going to bed. It will calm your mind and make you feel sleepy.

White wine contains compounds with neuroprotective properties that protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease. If you are not familiar with Alzheimer’s, it is a brain disease that targets the ability to remember long term and short-term memory. Since this is an age-related disease, this health problem usually happens to the elderly.

Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

White wine benefits are good for lowering the risk of diabetes. Drinking white wine in moderation can control your glucose level. You should drink it in the evening before going to sleep to help bring down your glucose level. For people who have diabetes type 2, this is a great way to keep your health and glucose level in check. A research done in 2005 has shown that participants who drank white wine in moderation lowered their risk of developing diabetes type 2 by 30 percent.

Fewer Hangovers

Drinking alcohol can be enjoyable for many people, but everyone would agree that hangovers are not fun at all. You get hangovers because alcoholic beverages contain congeners, which are chemical byproducts that are responsible for the aroma, taste, and color of the drink. White wine benefits will not give you any hangover in the morning since it contains very low levels of congeners. Red wine has higher levels of congeners and it can definitely cause hangovers if you had too much of it. By choosing white wine, you can avoid those nasty hangover symptoms such as splitting headaches, nausea, and irritability.

Improves Bone Health

When it comes to building up bone health, white wine is probably not included in your list. White wine benefits contain many of the minerals that are responsible for strengthening the bones and promoting better bone density. If you want to avoid developing osteoporosis or other bone problems when you get older, it is a good idea to start drinking white wine. However, there are other studies suggesting that high alcohol consumption may have negative effects on the bone. When drinking white wine, just drink in moderation and never drink too much.

Helps Your Skin Look Younger and Fresher

You can get the white wine benefits for your skin by applying it topically. This will help with better blood circulation on your facial skin, thus making it look more rosy, radiant, and glowing. Applying white wine is also good for preventing the damaging effects of the free radicals on the epidermal layer of your skin and it deeply cleanses down to the cellular level.

If you want to make your own white wine face cleanser, just mix 10 spoons of white wine, 4 spoons of vinegar, and 4 spoons of lemon juice. For your white wine face mask, all you have to do is mix white wine, egg white, and aloe vera gel to form a paste. Make sure to clean your face with water before applying the face mask. Apply the face mask and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, and then wash your face with lukewarm water. This face mask can help cleanse and remove oily pores effectively.


Lowers the Risk of Developing Cataracts

White wine benefits are also good for your eyes because it can lower the risk of developing cataracts. According to one study, drinking white wine moderately can reduce the risk of cataracts by 32 percent.

Top 10 White Wine Benefits