Top 10 Rose Essential Oil Benefits

Top 10 Rose Essential Oil Benefits

Roses are considered as one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Their very presence can give a feeling of romanticism to the surrounding environment. Rose essential oil is generally obtained by the distillation of fresh Damascus Roses. They are preferred over all other species of roses due to their strong aroma and highest oil content. Rose essential oil benefits include its use as a beauty product by people all over the world due to their quality of refreshing the skin and giving it a youthful glow. In addition to its contribution as a beauty product, they can also benefit the body and enhance its overall functions in a lot of ways. Being antibacterial and anti-viral in nature they can also protect the body against any potential bacterial and virus attacks. Rose essential oil benefits also include the arrest of bleeding in case of any wound or surgery. They can prove to be an effective neutralizer in relieving a person from anxiety or depression. Some of the benefits of rose essential oil are as follows:

It Helps in Bleeding Arrest

Rose essential oil benefits include the arrest of bleeding during several injuries and surgeries. During excessive bleeding, it helps in clotting and coagulation of blood which in turn can arrest the leakage of blood. This oil also comes in handy during important surgeries and takes its rightful place in the kitty of operation theatres. Rose essential oil also comes with an added bonus of being able to treat wounds. They are often used to replace other antiseptic lotions due to their astounding fragrance. Rose essential oil can be helpful in protecting the wound from developing infections and becoming septic. Rose essential oil benefits are particularly mentionable due to their astounding nature of possessing the quality to arrest bleeding but also get it done within a limited time period.

Rose Essential Oil Helps Prevent Depression

Rose essential oil benefits can also play an important role in relieving a person from anxiety. It is a common trait of human beings to feel attracted to pleasant sights and smell when in anxiety or in depression. The effectiveness of a strong odor can be felt by its ability to bring a sense of relief to someone in an irritated state of mind. This very point can be established by the fact that a recent study published in the journal named Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice had shown women who were treated with fifteen-minute sessions of rose essential oil solution aromatherapy twice a week for four weeks were seen to experience a significant decrease in postnatal depression scores. A solution of rose essential oil can instill a sense of peace in one’s mind.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil Sedates Inflammation

Rose essential oil can be considered as a very effective component in reducing inflammation. Inflammation can result due to several factors such as microbial infection, ingestion of poisonous materials, indigestion and dehydration. Due to inflammation, a patient may experience high fever which may be difficult to counter. Rose essential oil benefits also include bringing down body temperatures by sedating the inflammation. They can also be considered helpful in conditions such as arthritis and rheumatics.

Astringent Properties

Rose essential oil has significant astringent properties. It can help strengthen gums and hair roots owing to this property. Rose essential oil benefits also include toning the skin, contraction of muscles, intestines and blood vessels. Owing to its ability to contract blood vessels it can help in arresting leakage of blood through a wound almost instantaneously. It may also be able to cure various types of diarrhea due to its astringent properties. Rose essential oil may also be able to prevent the loosening of intestines and an abdominal muscle which generally tends to set in as we age.

Top 10 Rose Essential Oil Benefits

Rose Essential Oil Offers Total Skin Care

Rose essential oil benefits include enhancing the beauty of an individual. It is an effective skin cleanser and can be used to clear the skin of potential dirt and pollutants. Rose essential oil can also play a proactive role in the removal of scars. It may be used in case of women looking to avoid stretch marks after pregnancy. Marks of pimples and boils which are associated with pox or acne which may be otherwise difficult to remove can be done with the help of rose essential oil. Its ability to remove scarred marks is based on its antioxidant properties which can spur the healing process of the skin.

Blood Purification

One of the most important factors for us to stay healthy is a proper purification of our blood. A specific byproduct produced by the normal metabolic activities of the body are called toxins. Toxins mix with the blood and can make the blood impure and in turn, the lack of purity of blood can lead to several health repercussions. The presence of impure blood in our system may become the cause of different kinds of complexities ranging from the formation of rashes and boils on the skin to more serious conditions like cancer and heart diseases that may be caused by free radicals. The presence of toxins in our blood for a longer time frame may even result in the formation of ulcers. Rose essential oil benefits also include purification of the blood from these harmful toxins. Regular usage of rose essential oil can help in maintaining the purity of blood.

Reduces Stomach Disorders

Rose essential oil benefits include relieving an individual from different kinds of stomach disorders. They can help in sedating inflammation and can protect the stomach from infections of various kinds. The primary reason for the formation of ulcers is the over the release of acids in the stomach. Intake of rose essential oil can regularize the release of the different digestive acids. The release of excessive acid can lead to various stomach disorders like indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and heartburn. They can also perform a profound role in maintaining liver health which includes keeping the liver strong and healthy and resistant to infections. Usage of rose essential oil from time to time can also limit the excess secretion of bile.

Maintains Uterus Health

Women face different kinds of complexities and challenges related to the uterus. There can be several irregularities like uterine discharge, tumors, bleeding and irregular menses. Rose essential oil benefits include delay of menopause by purification of the uterus. As it is capable of regulating the menstrual cycle rose essential oil can ensure removal of various side-effects related to menstruation like mood swings, hormonal imbalance, bloating, cramping and excessive bleeding.

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-viral Properties

Rose essential oil benefits include anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is practically impossible to vaccinate yourself in protection from viruses as they continue to mutate and can trick the immune system. Rose essential oil having anti-viral properties can come to our aid in such a situation as it has the capability to fight against various kinds of infections caused by the varying virus-types. Rose essential oil is also anti-bacterial in nature. Being anti-bacterial in nature they are used in the treatment of various kinds of bacterial diseases like typhoid, cholera, and diarrhea. It is equally capable in the treatment of internal infections as in colon, stomach and urinary tract and external infections of the skin, eyes or ears.

 Rose Oil for Libido and Hormone Health

Anxiety and Stress can affect one’s sexual life. Rose essential oil being an anti-anxiety agent can help an individual suffering from sexual dysfunction which may be related to anxiety or stress. Rose essential oil benefits also include a balance of sexual hormones which can enhance the sex drive significantly. As this oil is famed as sex promoter, couples planning to spend a romantic evening may rub this oil on the neck to diffuse the aroma throughout the home or the bed.