Top 10 Patchouli Oil Benefits

Top 10 Patchouli Oil Benefits

Patchouli oil benefits can be attributed to its amazing abilities to be an antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, deodorant, cicatrizant, diuretic, fungicide, sedative, insecticide, febrifuge, and many more. For many centuries, this essential oil has been used in traditional Asian medicine for treating skin problems such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, and dry skin. It is also beneficial for those living in areas where there are a lot of insects since patchouli oil can be used as an insect repellant. Today, more health benefits are being discovered and patchouli oil has been increasing in popularity because of its effectiveness. If you want to learn more about the patchouli oil benefits, then read on.

Patchouli Oil

Patchouli Oil Acts as an Antiseptic

One of the top patchouli oil benefits is its ability to heal wounds and prevent infection. Plus, it is a great alternative to over-the-counter medicines because it is safe and all-natural. You can use it to treat minor cuts and wounds. Plus, patchouli oil has antifungal properties that can stop any fungal infections.

You can dilute patchouli oil in a carrier oil like almond oil, and apply it directly to the wound. This will prevent the development of infections. If you want to use patchouli oil for treating skin conditions such as acne and dermatitis, you can add patchouli oil to your usual oil and massage it to the affected area. You can also add a few drops of patchouli essential oil to your soap and use it every time you take a bath.

Patchouli Oil Can be Used as an Aphrodisiac

Patchouli Oil can Get Rid of Body Odor

Patchouli oil benefits are great for improving your health and well-being. This essential oil contains strong antimicrobial properties that stop the growth of bacteria caused by perspiration and sweat. This is a more natural alternative to deodorants.

What you can do to mask the body odor is to add a few drops of patchouli essential oil to your usual body oil. Once you’ve combined the two oils, apply it to the affected areas of your body such as the underarm and feet. Another way to get the beneficial effects of patchouli oil is to add a few drops to your bath water. After a taking a shower, just soak yourself in the bath water with patchouli oil for several minutes. However, please take note that patchouli oil has a strong, musky, and overpowering smell, so it should always be used in diluted form.

Patchouli Oil Helps Stimulate Urination

Patchouli oil benefits can help you avoid health problems such as kidney and gallbladder stones and gout. Patchouli oil is capable of increasing the frequency of your urination, and also the quantity of your urine. This will help remove the toxins from your body, excess salts, and uric acid. This is also beneficial for weight loss and lowering of your blood pressure and cholesterol level.

In order to get these patchouli oil benefits, you should add 8 to 10 drops of patchouli oil in your bath water. Soak in it for several minutes. Another way is to mix 2 to 3 drops of patchouli oil and a few drops of carrier oil, and then gently massage this mixture on your abdomen and lower back.

Patchouli Oil is Used for Aromatherapy

Patchouli Oil Relieves Depression

Patchouli oil benefits are not only good for your body, but also for your mental health. This essential oil is beneficial for people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. Patchouli oil is always used in aromatherapy because it can help uplift the mood of a person. Inhaling the fragrance of patchouli essential oil can relax the mental and physical tension and drive away the stress. It stimulates the release of your pleasure hormones, which helps rejuvenate your mind, keeps you calm, and make all your negative feelings disappear. In order to receive these patchouli oil benefits and uplift your mood, you can directly inhale the patchouli oil from the bottle. You can also mix a few drops of patchouli oil and a few drops of baby oil in your hand, and then cup your hand over your nose. But the best way is to diffuse patchouli oil several times per day.

Patchouli Oil can Boost Your Metabolism

Patchouli oil can help you maintain a healthy weight and trim down on excess fats by boosting your metabolism. Improving your metabolism can also increase your body’s ability to digest food and optimize the absorption of nutrients.

Patchouli oil can stimulate the stomach and the liver to actively function. The increased secretion of liver and stomach enzymes boosts your metabolic rate, thus improving the digestion of the food and production of energy that your body needs.

Again, the best way to take advantage of the patchouli oil benefits is to diffuse this essential oil throughout your home. You can also mix several drops of patchouli essential oil in your bathwater and soak in it for a couple of minutes.

Patchouli Oil is Used as a Breath Freshener

Patchouli Oil Makes You Look Younger

Probably one of the most sought-after patchouli oil benefits is its ability to keep your skin looking young, vibrant, and healthy. As you grow older, the skin loses its natural elasticity, which is why it tends to sag. With the help of patchouli oil, you can delay the onset of sagging skin. Patchouli essential oil can regenerate new skin cells and promote muscle contraction, which helps in keeping your skin younger looking. You can mix 5 drops of patchouli essential oil with your usual face wash or lotion, and massage it into your skin. When applying the solution to your facial skin, always make sure to avoid your eyes.

Patchouli Oil can Help Reduce Insomnia or Sleepless Nights

Having a proper full night’s sleep is important if you want to maintain a good overall health. But sometimes, due to stress, diet, and other factors, you can’t sleep properly. Patchouli oil can help reduce insomnia because it has sedative effects that could put your mind and body at ease. When you are fully relaxed and calm, you can easily fall asleep.

If you want to take advantage of these patchouli oil benefits and help you fall asleep, simply diffuse the patchouli oil in your bedroom. You can also rub 2 to 3 drops of patchouli oil into your hands and cup it to your nose. Breathe and smell the fragrant scent of patchouli oil to receive its sedative effects. Try touching your neck, temples, and chest after rubbing the patchouli oil into your hands.

Patchouli Oil is Used to Create Perfumes

Patchouli Oil is a Great Remedy for Inflammation

Patchouli oil benefits include the treatment of inflammation in the body such as gout, arthritis, skin irritations, and skin infections. This essential oil contains antiphlogistic properties that can heal inflammations in your body, whether it is internal or external.

Also, it can soothe inflammations that are caused by fever and colds. This anti-inflammatory property of patchouli oil is capable of soothing many types of skin irritations. If you want to make your own natural remedy for inflammation, you can mix a few drops of patchouli oil with body oil or carrier oil of your choice into your hands and massage the inflamed area such as your feet, lower back, and stomach. Another way is to put a few drops of patchouli oil into your bath water and soak in it for several minutes.

Patchouli Oil is Used to Treat Scalp Problems

Patchouli Oil Boosts the Production of Blood Cells

Patchouli oil benefits include the increase of red and white blood cells, which is good for your health because it promotes better blood circulation. A healthy amount of white blood cells means that you have better chances of fighting and killing deadly viruses and pathogens in your body. You also need red blood cells to facilitate normal and healthy bodily functions.

In order to receive the best patchouli oil benefits, you can mix a few drops of patchouli oil with a carrier oil or your usual baby oil and massage it all over your body.

Patchouli Oil Keeps Your Home Insect-Free

Patchouli oil benefits can extend to keeping your home free from insects such as bedbugs, mosquitoes, lice, ants, fleas, moths, and flies. Patchouli oil has the insecticidal property that is strong enough to keep these pesky insects away. This essential oil may have a sweet smelling fragrance, but insects want to avoid it. It is so effective as a bug repellant that manufacturers of insecticide sprays, lotions, vaporizers, and fumigants use patchouli oil as one of their main ingredients. You need only a few drops of patchouli oil to drive away the insects through a diffuser. However, you have to be careful when using patchouli oil because its distinct smell can seep into the linens, fabrics, and furniture.

So these are just some of the best patchouli oil benefits that can help improve your health. However, like every other essential oil, you have to be extra careful when using them. Patchouli oil is known to have a strong and long-lasting aroma that may be unpleasant for some people. Try to be cautious when inhaling it because it can be irritating at times. Also, patchouli oil blends perfectly with essential oils such as lavender, clary sage, bergamot, geranium, and myrrh.

Top 10 Patchouli Oil Benefits