Top 10 Olive Oil Benefits

Top 10 Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil is extracted from the fruits of the Olea plant which is native to the tropical regions with warm temperature. These include parts of Middle East, Southern Europe, South Asia, Africa and also Australasia region. In the ancient times, olive oil was referred to as liquid gold and in some regions, they still use this phrase when referring to olive oil. There are many olive oil benefits that are unrivaled by any other organic oils. In fact, researchers are every day coming up with more reasons why you should make olive oil everyday use oil. If you watch cooking shows, you must have discovered that in most kitchens, the chefs will have the olive oil as one of the lined up ingredients for their menu. In the Mediterranean region, it is a cornerstone of many diets and this has quickly spread to many other regions across the globe. Therefore, we can say that olive oil has become an essential nutritional mainstay for many cultures in the world. Apart from being commonly used in the kitchen olive oil is also used in the health sector and the beauty industry as well. Therefore, it is an essential oil that you should consider buying in your home because it offers various benefits. So what are some of the essential olive oil benefits that make it a very important product to have in your home? Continue reading to find out the olive oil benefits you didn’t know.

Top 10 Olive Oil Benefits

Olive Oil as a Skin Moisturizer

Are you having a dry skin and looking for the best oil to moisturize your skin? Then olive oil is the secret to moisturized skin that you always wish to have. Scientists and researchers in the beauty industry have discovered that olive oil contains the essential factors that are required to keep your skin moisturized. Scientific studies and experiments have shown that the olive oil contains properties that are similar to the sebum on the human skin. Also, it contains healthy bacteria called micro-flora which together with the sebum like properties act as a good barrier to keep your skin moisturized. The fact that the oil contains sebum like properties makes it easily absorbed into your skin. Therefore, instead of covering the poles like many chemical-based oils will do, the olive oil will be a good balance to substitute the natural oil (sebum) of your skin. Therefore, the users of olive oil will have a naturally moisturized skin. This is the best gift from Mother Nature that will keep your skin moisturized all the times.

Olive Oil Supports Skin Health

Another olive oil benefit in the beauty industry is that it contains the necessary antioxidant factors and nutrients that are essential for a healthy skin. Note that when it comes to the health of the human skin, the best ingredients to use are the natural ingredients. Using olive oil will give you a glowing skin without causing you any side effects and therefore a good quick fix solution. So why is olive oil the best natural remedy for a healthy skin? To begin with, your skin needs vitamins so as to remain healthy. Olive oil contains the essential vitamins which include A, D, K and Vitamin E The vitamin E is important for treating inflammation, skin acne, and also an effective protector against psoriasis and skin cancers. The olive oil also contains oleic acid and squalene which are important in protecting the skin from free radicals that will make the skin age faster. Getting a regular massage using olive oil will help your skin heal from the scars and marks left by adolescent pimples and therefore achieving blemish-free skin. A healthy skin is a secret to beauty and olive oil will assist you to have a healthy skin to look beautiful.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a Good Makeup Remover

Why use the chemical makeup removers that expose your skin to dangers? Using the natural skin makeup removers is the best approach to ensure that your skin is healthy and free from side effects of chemicals. The Virgin olive oil is cheaper compared to other chemical makeup removers and therefore the best choice. For those with sensitive skin, you are guaranteed that through use of this natural remedy, you will be able to stay away from the chemicals that cause irritation leading to ugly blisters and rashes on your face. Therefore, take advantage of this organic makeup remover that has tons of benefits to your skin. This is illustrated by the above olive oil benefits which include moisturizing your skin and giving it essential nutrients.

Olive Oil Has Anti-Aging Properties

This olive oil benefit is as a result of consuming it in foods and also applying olive oil on the skin. Your body gets healthy nutrients when you eat food cooked with olive oil. These are essential to keep you younger and keep you from illnesses that lead to accelerated aging of your body. Therefore, cooking with olive oil will slow the aging process of your organs. The reason behind this essential capability of olive oil is that it contains omega 3 fatty acids and a good cholesterol balance being a vegetable oil. In fact, the reason why cooking olive oil is pricey than other ordinary oils is that it is packed with high-level ingredients which are necessary for age-fighting.

When you use the oil on your skin, you will have a younger look because it keeps your skin elasticity. Therefore, you will avoid the wrinkles and folds that are associated with age. The health of the skin is also essential for younger appearance, and you will be able to achieve this through use of olive oil on your skin. Use olive oil today for a slower aging process.

Use Olive Oil for Healthy Nails

Did you know that the doctors will look at the appearance of your nails even before examining you further? The nails can become dull, lifeless and brittle, conditions that are not good for your nails. Thus, it is important to ensure they are well taken care of. Olive oil benefits extend to nail health and therefore it is important to ensure you use it so as to have healthy nails. Healthy nails will allow your skin to have a good appearance so that you can get that trendy nail art you always wished to have. Scientific studies show that nails need vitamin E so as to be healthy. The olive oil contains this essential nutrient and therefore the reason why it is recommended for healthy nails.

Eat Food Cooked with Olive Oil to Stay away From Breast Cancer

In the health industry, this is one of the recent olive oil benefits that will help women a lot. Did you know that adding olive oil in your meals is a good way to keep breast cancer away? A study carried out in Saudi Arabia found that the olive contains oleuropein which is a natural compound with high anti-breast cancer properties. Across the world, similar studies have been carried out to ascertain this is a fact. In Spain, it was found that women who consumed food cooked with olive oil had fewer chances of developing breast cancer complications.

Olive Oil Prevents Diabetes

Keeping the sugar levels in your blood controlled is important to ensure you stay away from diabetes. Studies carried out to discover olive oil benefits have showed that olive oil will help in controlling the sugar levels in the blood. One such study was carried out by the Harvard School of Public Health which ascertained that diet with mono and polyunsaturated fats are important to protect humans from diabetes. The olive oil contains these essential factors and therefore important to keep diabetes away. The American journal of Clinical Nutrition published a report that showed olive oil reduced the risk of diabetes in women.

Olive Oil Improves Memory and Learning

This essential oil contains oleocanthal compound which according to Scientific American is important for preventing Alzheimer’s disease. This was proved by the American Chemical Society through studies that they conducted. Therefore, cooking children food with olive oil improves their memory which is important in learning. The same applies to older people who will be able to prevent memory loss associated with aging. Take advantage of this olive oil benefit which leads to better memory at old age and helps your kids in learning.

Olive Oil for Bone Strength

The endurance of the bones can be improved through taking foods that are cooked with olive oil. Studies show that this olive oil benefit is as a result of Osteocalcin which is contained in the oil. Scientists have been keen in examining the credibility of these claims and found out that men in the Mediterranean region who consumed food with olive oil had stronger bones. On examining their bones, they found high levels of Osteocalcin. Therefore, for the better endurance of your bones, you need to cook with olive oil every day.

Olive Oil is Used to Manage Depression

Eating a healthy diet is one of the advice that people with depression receive from counselors. Some foods have a good antidepressant factor which makes this possible. Olive oil is one of such foods that you can count on for this. One of the amazing olive oil benefits is that it will help you in relieving the stress causing factors through its ability to control mood. This is because of its ability to increase the levels of serotonin in the brain hence improving mood in depressed people.

These are some of the essential olive oil benefits that make it a very important product to have in your home. You can purchase olive oil from food stores and retail chains near you. Ensure that you purchase genuine olive oil from recommended distributors.