Top 10 Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits

Top 10 Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits

The Kiwifruit is considered to be of Chinese in origin but derives its name from Kiwi- the national bird of Newzeland when it was declared the national fruit of the country. The fruit received so much popularity in the country that cultivation had started for a commercial purpose. The kiwifruit is also a common sight in American and European households where they are used everywhere starting from cereals to desserts. It is a powerhouse of nutrients and contains all the important vitamins like A, B12, B6, E and important minerals like potassium and magnesium to name a few. Kiwis are also resistant to pesticide residue making it safer to consume. The health benefits of kiwi fruit are numerous and they find their role in maintaining diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Some of the benefits of kiwi fruit are as follows:

Top 10 Kiwi Fruit Health BenefitsKiwi Fruit Can Boost Immunity

Free radicals are the toxic biological wastes produced by our body as we live our lives. They are the primary reason that brings about our aging as they bring down the effectiveness of functioning of the different organs of the body. Kiwifruit is the richest source of vitamin C which acts as a powerful antioxidant capable of eliminating free radicals from the body. It has been scientifically found out that every 100gms of kiwi fruit contains 154% vitamin C which is double the amount present in oranges and lemons. So, kiwi fruit being a rich source of vitamin C plays an effective role in boosting the immunity system if taken regularly.

Kiwifruits – Inducer of Sleep

Having sleep disorders? Why not try this wonder fruit named kiwi. At the University of Taipei, there have been numerous studies which have proven that kiwi fruit contains compounds and anti-oxidants which can induce sleep in human beings and can effectively normalize sleeping disorders. Kiwifruit if taken regularly one hour before bedtime has a magical effect on the individual and enhances a good night’s sleep. Moreover, serotonin present in kiwi is also beneficial for one’s sleep.

Kiwi Fruit Rich Source of Fiber

Kiwi Fruit is a rich source of dietary fiber. Studies have shown that a fiber-rich dietary food can not only keep one full for a longer length of time but can also prevent numerous diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and coronary heart diseases. Kiwifruit is rich in dietary fiber can control metabolic markers like blood-pressure, cholesterol, and blood-sugar levels. It also plays a profound role in reducing body weight. When someone is in need to lower their body weight they are recommended to take food with fewer calories and more dietary fiber to maintain the balance. For such situations, kiwifruit is the ideal option to serve the purpose.

Helps to Keep Blood-Sugars in Check

When a person suffers from diabetes he has to go through a very strict dietary regime in order to keep the situation under control. As recommended by the doctor or physician one has to face severe restrictions while intake of food. In such situation when one is devoid of the nutrients and vitamins from different food sources due to restrictions it is advisable to take food with high dietary fiber which can be found in kiwi fruit. Kiwifruit finds its name in the ‘low category’ of the glycemic index which does not spike up the blood sugar-levels suddenly. Moreover, the glycemic load of kiwi fruit is 4 which can be considered safe for diabetics.

Kiwi Fruit Helps Against Heart-Disease

It has been scientifically proven that blood-clotting can be enhanced by eating two to three kiwis a day. People take aspirin in order to prevent blood-clotting but there is a flip side to it. There are side-effects to taking aspirin inflammation and intestinal bleeding which may not be a good thing to carry into one’s future. So the idea of replacing aspirin with kiwi fruit may not be a bad idea as it not only serves the purpose but also has some added health benefits. Kiwi also has the ability to reduce the triglyceride levels in the blood which is a major concern for heart disease. In a recently conducted research, it has been seen that that test subjects who were given two to three kiwi fruits daily had reduced their triglyceride levels by a whopping fifteen percent.

Helps Preserve The Skin

We consume food throughout the day which is generally acidic in nature. Kiwifruit having alkaline properties can help neutralizing the effect if taken regularly. Moreover kiwi-fruit has a good ph balance and a slice of it, when applied to the face, helps keep the skin rejuvenated and youthful. Kiwi is a source of vitamins C and E which help in eliminating free radicals from the body and keeps the skin youthful and without wrinkles. Kiwifruit also contains polyphenols and carotenoids which indirectly benefits the overall skin health.

Kiwi Fruit Digestion Enhancer

There is an enzyme present in kiwi fruit called “Actinidain” which possesses protein dissolving capabilities. Moreover due the presence of such enzymes kiwi is really beneficial in the digestion of proteins in the body. Due to its qualities related to digestion of protein, it is sometimes referred to as “meat tenderizer”. For people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, kiwi fruit is a must have as it the most effective digester of protein. Kiwifruit also being incredibly rich in fiber is also helpful in problems related to constipation and other intestinal issues.

Kiwifruit Benefits Vision

A great many people have lost vision in their old age due to macular degeneration. Macular degeneration mainly occurs due to the decrease in chemicals lutein and zeaxanthin which are naturally found chemicals in the human eye. Kiwifruit is found to have an abundance of these chemicals. In a recently conducted study of 110000 men and women individuals who were given two to three kiwi fruits daily had been able to reduce their macular degradation by a whopping thirty six percent.

Kiwi Fruit Lower Pesticide Content

With the advancement of technology the farmers of today- in order to get a better yield have been using pesticides extensively. With the application of pesticides though farms are kept pest free and have generated profits, there has been a dent in the overall well-being of mankind. The use of pesticides has made humans prone to many harmful health concerns including complete deterioration of one’s digestive mechanisms. Kiwifruit comes on the list of foods which are generally safe from pesticide residues. Though organically grown stuff is generally preferred, it is not always available to us. So the choice of kiwi fruit as a part of our diet gives us a safe feeling as it is immune to pesticide residues.

Kiwifruit Has Great Nutritional Value

Kiwifruit contains several vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, B6, B12, E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron are the illustrative list of components present in kiwi fruit. These different components help the body differently promoting the overall well-being of the body and health. The blood circulation of the body increases due to their presence and the overall stress decreases effectively. Potassium helps in maintaining blood pressure and nerve and muscle functions are promoted by magnesium.