Top 10 Jojoba Oil Benefits

Jojoba oil is a liquid that is extracted from the seeds of the Jojoba plant. The Jojoba plant, scientifically known as Simmondsia Chinensis is a perennial shrub that grows in Arizona, some parts of Mexico, and also in Southern California. The plant is drought tolerant and easy requires minimum care to grow to maturity. A mature Jojoba plant produces a hardened capsule from which the Jojoba seed grows and when the capsule splits, the mature seed drops to the ground. The shape of the Jojoba seed can be compared to the coffee bean although on closer examination the seed is larger and has a slightly different shape. The seed is then processed to extract the Jojoba oil which has several benefits to the human body.  The jojoba oil benefits in Native Americans include treating sores, and bruises. Jojoba is sold in several health food stores and was recently introduced in the retail chain being sold in some supermarkets.  It is important to make sure that while shopping for the Jojoba oil you stick to the original organic brands so that your skin is not affected by the additives.  In most cases, these additives in non-organic Jojoba oil can lead to irritations on the skin and this is why the natural extract is most preferred. So what are some of the Jojoba oil benefits? Continue reading to find out more about the top 10 Jojoba oil benefits.

Top 10 Jojoba Oil Benefits

Jojoba Oil is Used as a Face and Body Moisturizer

One of the top Jojoba oil benefits is its use in the beauty industry as a face moisturizer. The success of achieving health facial appearance as a result of the use of Jojoba oil has become common since it was first used for this purpose. People with dry skin have benefited from the ability and versatility of the Jojoba extracts to heal their facial appearance and general body skin. Many people use it on the skin after performing household chores to ensure the skin doesn’t have excessive dryness. According to the facts explained in the ‘Skin Care Ingredient Handbook’, the Jojoba oil is known to reduce the loss of water in the skin and also to aid in balanced oil production. The same book indicates that it is good for reconditioning and protecting the skin improving its texture and preventing any flakiness. Jojoba oil can be used alone since it doesn’t clog the skin poles and also doesn’t cause any allergic effect on your skin. Alternatively, you can buy the skin care products that are FDA approved and include these essential extracts of Jojoba plant to get the Jojoba oil benefits.

Jojoba Oil for Wrinkles

Although Jojoba oil benefits have been discovered through its use for facial care, its benefits in wrinkles removal have not been realized by many people. Scientific research shows that Jojoba oil contains a substance that compares well to the skin sebum. This is the natural skin oil that is produced by the oil glands so as to ensure the skin is soft and supple. Therefore, when Jojoba oil is used on the skin, it blends well with the sebum on your skin. This leads to penetration of the oil through the skin poles so as to hydrate the skin. Therefore, the skin is able to retain a good moisture content that is good for achieving elasticity. As a person grows older, the sebum production reduces leading to a dried up skin which affects the elasticity and hence wrinkles form. Therefore, when you use the Jojoba oil, it will act as a supplement to the sebum and restores the normal oil balance in your skin. This, in turn, leads to the better elasticity of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles will be minimal.

Jojoba Oil

Use Jojoba Oil as Hair Conditioner

We continue our analysis of Jojoba oil benefits in the beauty industry by analyzing its use as a hair conditioner. To begin with, Jojoba oil is featured as a good remedy to use on all types of hair, although it is more commonly used in combating dry hair and split ends. The molecular composition of Jojoba oil makes it a good product to use in dry hair, leaving it moisturized. As your day goes on, the air in the atmosphere will pull moisture from your hair. This starts soon after you have styled your hair early in the morning. If you have studied it well, in the evening your hair will feel less silky and harder than it was in the morning after styling. This allows more moisture to leave your hair and therefore making your hair dried by the time you next style it up. One way to reduce this is to use jojoba oil as a leave-in hair conditioner. But why is Jojoba oil effective in leaving your hair conditioned? We have already talked about the comparison of Jojoba oil to human sebum. The same property is essential in ensuring the hair is moisturized and therefore this prevents hair breakage.  Your hair will retain the silky look throughout as a result of using Jojoba oil. This Jojoba oil benefit makes it a good product to use on hair and doesn’t leave any greasy residue. Further, you don’t require washing your hair after using Jojoba oil making it an easy product to use in hair care.

Use Jojoba for Nourished Skin

Your skin needs essential vitamins which are necessary to keep it healthy.  One Jojoba oil benefit that is essential for your skin is that it is filled with these necessary vitamins which include vitamin E and Vitamin B complex. These high amounts of vitamins are also essential antioxidants. The benefits of the vitamin E found in Jojoba oil includes natural anti-aging nutrients, protects your skin from cancer, and also treats the sunburns. The Vitamin b complex is essential for fighting radicals and preventing skin cell damage, maintaining high hormonal balance, and treating the radiation therapy effects.

Therefore, when you use the Jojoba oil, the skin will harness these essential vitamins and therefore it is able to effectively fight the cause of inflammation. This will prevent any further damage to the skin that could also be caused by aging. The vitamins and antioxidant properties help prevent skin acne. Another essential Jojoba oil benefit is that it doesn’t clog your skin poles which are essential for the skin.

Fight Ageing Effects through Use of Jojoba Oil

This can be easily highlighted through the ability of the Jojoba oil to prevent loss of moisture and also through the antioxidant properties to fight skin acne. When you apply Jojoba oil daily, the elasticity of your skin improves which keeps the skin from sagging and also developing folds. This is a good example of how Jojoba oil will allow you to have a baby skin every day. As such, you will not look older than you are since the Jojoba oil benefits keep your skin from aging.  This is the reason why the anti-aging products bought off the shelf contain the oil as a key ingredient. Skin acne is another effect that makes the skin appearance change as you age. When used, the Jojoba oil acts as a supplement to sebum and therefore preventing acne keeping you from the unpleasant effects of aging. Lastly, on aging, the antioxidant property also acts as antibacterial preventing the dangerous bacteria from infecting your skin which is more likely as you age.

Used as Lip Balm

Used as Lip Balm

The lips have a delicate skin that can be damaged by exposure to sunny conditions, cold temperatures, and also windy conditions. This leaves the lips chapped and flaky giving them unpleasant look. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you take good care of the lips using a good oil like the Jojoba oil that will protect this delicate skin.  The ability to restore moisture helps the lips look smoother and softer and the best way to achieve this is using the Jojoba oil which has a good moisturizing effect. Carrying some Jojoba oil with you or keeping some at your workplace will make sure your lips have this essential jojoba oil benefits and hence looking attractive always. You can add jojoba oil to your favorite lip balm or lip gloss to make sure you have attractive lips.

Remove Make-up Using Jojoba oil

Instead of using the make-up removals that contain chemicals, use the Jojoba oil which is an organic product with many benefits. Actually, as you use it as a make-up remover; you are giving your skin the important jojoba oil benefit which is a good decision skin-care decision. The fact that it is hypoallergenic makes it good for make-up removal on any skin type. Further, it will remove the stubborn dirt on your skin and prevent bacterial infections.

Jojoba Oil as an Anti-Fungal Hence Effective in Fighting the Infections

This is an important Jojoba oil benefit that allows your skin to fight the fungal infections. When you use Jojoba oil on your feet, it is a good remedy for the athlete`s foot and treats the toenail fungus. Also, it is an important product that helps in getting rid of warts. According to a scientific study carried out in 2005, when used on rat paws and ears, the oil effectively acted as anti-inflammatory agent. Further, the study established that Jojoba oil is important for a speedy healing of wounds.

Jojoba Oil

Reduces Effects of Sunburn

The extensive exposure to UV rays is dangerous to the skin. Therefore, you will find that the skin develops some red patches every time you are working outdoors. This is more likely when you are out on a beach holiday and also for people who work outdoors and exposed to sunlight. Therefore, it is important to apply the Jojoba oil daily which is essential for reducing the effects of sunburn. The essential vitamins E and B complex are responsible for this jojoba oil; benefit. Under the protection of jojoba oil, the skin is able to regenerate and normalize.

Use Jojoba Oil for Eczema and Psoriasis

The chemicals used in household products like washing soap and dyes are dangerous for the skin and therefore cause irritants. Psoriasis is one effect that causes dead cells to accumulate on the skin. This will cause scaling and inflammation to the skin. People with eczema and psoriasis have been effectively healed after using the jojoba oil. This is through the ability of the oil to relieve skin from itching and dryness and forming a barrier to the skin keeping irritants away. Therefore, it is also able to keep secondary infections away keeping you healthy.

Are you looking for the best skin care product that will give you a nourished skin? Then the best product that you should be using is the Jojoba oil. The above jojoba oil benefits make it the number one ingredient that is widely sought after by companies manufacturing cosmetics.