Top 10 Clove Oil Benefits

Top 10 Clove Oil Benefits

Clove is often referred to as a ‘storehouse of benefits’. It is highly anti-oxidant in nature possessing potent antiseptic properties. Clove oil has found useful over a wide range of spectrum ranging from traditional medicines to being used as a flavor for preparation of special dishes. It is also found to be anti-inflammatory in nature that can help negate pains related to our body. Use of clove oil can serve us in a positive manner for our body functions aiding several aspects of our health.  The presence of the compound Eugenol in clove oil can benefit our teeth and hair in a big way. Moreover, they can help in the elimination of free radicals from our system which is primarily responsible for the deterioration of our body functions. It possesses a strong smell which has contributed to its inclusion as a part of different aromatherapy processes. Clove oil benefits have found recognition all-over the globe owing to their antiseptic properties due to the defining role it can play in the healing of scars and wounds. Some of the clove oil benefits are as follows:

Clove Oil Good for Your Teeth

Clove oil benefits can help in aiding our dental health. Clove is a very common ingredient in toothpaste irrespective of the brand that we may be using. Clove oil benefits include strong germicidal properties that are beneficial in fighting dental pain and toothaches. Moreover, the presence of a compound called Eugenol is also very effective for treatment of sore gums and mouth ulcers. Clove oil benefits include aromatic properties that can help to negate bad breathe on gargling with warm water. Four drops of clove oil when used in a combination with lukewarm water can give effective results when used twice a day.

Clove Oil

Stronger Immunity

Clove oil can play a special role in boosting our immunity.  It possesses potent anti-oxidant properties that can act as a scavenger against free-radicals responsible for the deterioration of the different body functions. Free-radicals are also responsible for life-threatening diseases such as cancer and heart ailments and their elimination from the body must be at the top of our priorities. Though aging is a natural process and cannot be done with cautious steps regarding the use of natural products can definitely go a long way in helping us lead a normal and healthy life. Clove oil benefits fit the above bill and can play a definitive role in making our immune system stronger.

Clove Oil Fight Infections

Clove oil is antiseptic in nature that may help in treating and healing of wounds. Its antiseptic properties can help cure cuts, wounds, fungal infections, insect bites and even stings. Though clove oil benefits work great for wounds, we must avoid its direct application as it can have harmful repercussions. It is advisable to dilute the oil with almond or coconut oil before application on the damaged area. Direct application of the wound can result in burning sensations which may be prevented with the use of carrier oils like almond or coconut oil. Clove oil benefits can play a defining role in protection against infections but must not be used singly.

Fights Cough and Cold

Clove oil benefits include being anti-inflammatory in nature. Its anti-inflammatory properties can come handy in fighting a sore throat, cough, cold and sinusitis. Due to being anti-inflammatory in nature it can ensure clearing the nasal passage that can go a long way in giving us respite from respiratory problems. Also, it has a cooling effect on nasal cavity and throat that can further offer relief while suffering from a cough and cold. Clove oil can also help in boosting our immunity system that helps in prevention of conditions such as common cold.

Eases Head-aches

Clove oil is also helpful in case of a chronic headache that can be quite irritating in nature. We generally look for balms during such crisis that can make us get accustomed to the product for future use. In such a situation a natural product might prove to be most beneficial as there are no impending side-effects. Clove oil benefits can be quite successful in negating such kinds of head-aches providing us with instant relief. The presence of flavonoids in clove oil gives it potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease out inflammation giving it a cooling effect. Clove oil benefits also include acting as a pain reliever in case of muscle and joint pains.

Clove Oil Good for Our Skin

Clove oil benefits have contributed to its inclusion in various products ranging from soaps, lotions to perfumes. They tick all the properties that are generally required in such products for skin care. A compound named Eugenol is present in clove oil that is famed for its anti-bacterial properties. It can play a multitude role in the cure of acne, swelling reduction and killing of infectious bacteria all at the same time. The oil is also used to prevent signs of aging as it can produce great results as far as wrinkles and sagging skin is concerned. On simple addition of two to three drops of clove oil to our skin cream can help us in the attain a great skin. Its stimulating properties can also come handy in exfoliation of dead skin and increase of blood flow to the skin. Increased blood flow to the facial skin helps revive the youthful glow revitalizing the skin in the process.

Clove Oil Treat Indigestion

It has been a very old practice to use clove oil for indigestion and stomach related problems. Here again, the presence of eugenol can play a special role in averting situations of indigestion and flatulence. We can also consider its use for treating inconveniences such as hiccups and motion sickness. Indigestion is often accompanied by irritants such as excessive belching that may become a matter of serious concern for working people. Clove oil benefits include aiding us in getting rid of such problems by treating the root cause of the problem in a natural way.

Clove OilClove Oil Promote Healthy Hair

Each and every one of us aspire for beautiful hair irrespective of our gender. Our crowning glory is supposed to complete our over-all appearance in whose absence we look a bit out of place. Mankind has always been in the hunt for such good hair agents which can act as a promoter for hair growth. One such agent that can help achieve beautiful locks for our hair is clove oil. On application of clove oil on our scalp, the blood-flow in the crown area increases significantly promoting new hair growth. Clove oil benefits for hair include reduction of hair fall in addition to giving shine for dry and dull hair. A combination of olive oil and clove oil can perform the role of a conditioner quite effectively giving a settled look to the hair texture.

Clove Oil Can Help Treat Nausea

A lot of women tend to suffer from morning sickness and nausea during their pregnancy phases. Clove oil benefits can prove to be a great solution in such situations countering such complexities effectively. Owing to the great smell that it possesses, clove oil has found wide use for the purpose of aromatherapy in recent times. We may alternately apply it on our pillows before going to sleep for the night. Due to having great aromatic properties the use of clove oil can effectively negate conditions of nausea and morning sickness.


Clove Oil Cure Earaches

Earaches at times can get real nasty eventually leading to a headache. Clove oil benefits can help us remove such ear aches providing us with the much-needed relief. There may be several reasons for an ear-ache which include possibilities such as dirt deposition in the ear canal. In order to avoid such situations, we must always get our ears cleaned from time to time. Four drops of clove oil, when used in a combination with about two teaspoons of sesame oil, can help us in getting instant relief from an ear pain. The pain will seem to ease out in a flash giving us a sense of comfort.