Top 10 Chamomile Tea Benefits

Top 10 Chamomile Tea Benefits

Teas, a delicious beverage, are an amazing way to soothe one’s senses and refresh oneself instantly. Specific teas work as a quick treatment for various ailments like headaches, muscle pain, skin problems etc. Tea is a delicious beverage. The type of tea produced from the plant, Camellia sinensis, depends entirely on the way the leaves are processed after harvesting. Different processing methods give tea leaves from the same plant their own distinct color, flavor, and benefits. For centuries, people have been brewing various concoctions of tea for both flavor and healing purposes, and therefore it is not a matter of surprise to learn that research has demonstrated the health benefits of many different kinds of tea. To own an inexpensive and effective product that can be used for self-care comes very handy. This is where chamomile tea fit in just right, being the go-to solution for most of the ailments. This miraculous tea does not just limit itself as a beverage but has many uses and benefits in households and its uses and benefits have no equal. Chamomile tea benefits primarily vary on the manner of its use as it has not just a sweet taste and antioxidant properties but also it has traditionally been used for skin, health as well as for hair benefits.

Chamomile tea, a traditional drink, is nonetheless powerful enough to treat a number of maladies, from insomnia to stomach pain. Primarily known for its stimulating effects and promotion of mental alertness, some other potential chamomile tea benefits are listed below.

 Chamomile Tea

Antispasmodic & Anti-Inflammatory

Owing to its antispasmodic as well as anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea benefits the digestive system as a natural astringent. The properties of chamomile tea are highly effective in aiding digestion. The tea soothes and to an extent acts as a relaxant to the stomach and intestinal cramps. Regular consumption of this tea helps to get rid of problems like irritable bowel syndrome by clearing out toxins and bacteria from the digestive system. In addition to that chamomile tea benefits the digestive system in a lot of other ways, as the tea helps to calm inflammation in the intestines and gets stomach flu under control. This anti-inflammatory quality of the tea is also helpful for curing muscle spasms, nausea, gastroenteritis and other digestive disorders as well.

Infant Illness

Lukewarm chamomile tea is a traditional home remedy for infants and children suffering from colic, diarrhea, and fever. Studies confirm that chamomile tea may help to soothe babies with colic, but that it is helpful when taken in appropriate amounts. As chamomile extracts are proven to relax the muscles, it appears to soothe upset stomach and diarrhea in infants as well. It is to be sure that the liquid is cold before giving it to children or babies.

Protects Against Certain Types Of Cancer

It is popularly known as drinking of chamomile tea can aid in the killing of the cancer cells. It can do so due to the presence of its powerful antioxidants that are accounted to be extremely beneficial in the prevention of cancer. The antioxidants found in chamomile tea have been linked with a lower incidence of certain types of cancer. Chamomile contains the antioxidant apigenin. In test-tube studies, apigenin has been shown to fight cancer cells, especially those of the breast, digestive tract, skin, prostate, and uterus. Studies suggest that regular consumption of chamomile tea prevents the development of thyroid cancer. Thus it is safe to conclude that chamomile tea benefits the body immensely as it has anti-carcinogenic properties. Read more – Top 9 Cancer-Fighting Foods

 Chamomile Tea

Skin Conditions

Topical or oral use of chamomile tea may help soothe such skin problems as eczema, contact dermatitis, and diaper rash. Chamomile tea benefits the health of the skin by eliminating oxidative stress and boosting the immune response. Rich in antioxidants and anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea consumption improves the health and appearance of skin. It can do so by significantly improving the healing and lessening the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles on the face when applied topically.

Relieves Stress & Anxiety

After a long day at work, the warm, soothing nature of this beverage can help increase the levels of serotonin and melatonin in your body. Most people like to unwind with a hot cup of tea. Studies show that the chamomile tea consumption not only lowers the production of the stress hormone, cortisol but also normalizes it. Chamomile tea benefits the body as its consumption may also aid to fasten recovery following acute stress, which otherwise can cause a greater risk of chronic illnesses like coronary heart disease. This is one of the most well-known chamomile tea benefits among the rest. The tea is also known to provide instant relief from migraines and headaches. while also slowing down your mind and eliminating the classic symptoms of anxiety.

 Chamomile Tea

Treats Insomnia

Cuppas of chamomile tea can relax and soothe the nerves as well as have sedative qualities. While chamomile’s effectiveness in humans aid larger quantities of sleep and relaxes as well as calms the muscles. Studies confirm that small amounts of chamomile tea, when consumed on a regular basis, seem to relieve anxiety in individuals. It is to be suggested to drink at least three to four cups of chamomile tea each day for both sleeplessness and anxiety. Researchers state that pregnant and nursing women should not consume the tea, as it could increase the risk of miscarriage and not good for a nursing mother.

Boosts Immune System

Chamomile tea can help to boost immunity as observed by various researchers. It can do so due to the presence of a rich content of hippurate, known for its miraculous anti-bacterial properties that are accounted to be extremely beneficial for the improvement of one’s immunity. Chamomile tea benefits and improves various immune system functions, including fighting colds and viruses, flu, sinus, relieving congestion and warding off infections as well. Hippurate is associated with the botanical phenolics that boost immunity by fighting bacteria. The phenolic compounds present in chamomile tea helps to strengthen the immune system, this way chamomile tea benefits the immune system. It has also been accounted as a well sought after aid for infections as well as ailments.

Promotes Digestive Health

Chamomile tea works like a natural wonder for the betterment of one’s digestive health. This is attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory properties help to ease the twisting nature of the gut and allows for the passage of gas and smoother bowel movements. It also cures stomach ulcer pains and spasms. Traditionally, it has been used to treat several digestive ailments, including nausea and certain gastrointestinal conditions. Nevertheless, the tea is used as an anecdote for curing several digestive disorders.

Treats Oral Health

Chamomile tea benefits and improves various system functions in a being. It can do so due to the presence of its miraculous properties that are accounted to be extremely beneficial for the improvement of one’s health. Chamomile tea benefits the oral health of a being as well. The tea disrupts the buildup of plaque on teeth known as glucan, which allows a safe haven for bacteria to grow and cause cavities. The tea is also known to treat mouth sores known as aphthous ulcers.Chamomile tea has an anti-microbial effect and an inhibitory action on the bacterial and salivary enzymes. Regular consumption of chamomile tea in appropriate amounts and using it as a mouthwash can prevent as well as prohibit the growth of oral bacterial infections, cavities, reduce inflammation in the mouth and can protect teeth and gums. This way chamomile tea benefits and improves the oral health of a being.

Hair Care

Chamomile tea is known as the most sought-after homemade haircare therapy for growing healthier and thicker mane. Chamomile tea benefits the hair by fighting premature hair loss and making the hair smooth, strong as well as silky. The tea is very effective in its role as a hair nourisher. Drinking this tea can help to promote hair growth and slow down hair fall.  Not just that, application of the tea in the sessions of hair wash by rinsing the hair with it, helps to conditions and moisturizes the mane as well. Many salons and spa use chamomile tea rinses to achieve the effective and desired results of hair treatment. The anti-inflammatory components of the chamomile tea help to alleviate irritation on the scalp. Even the stronger chemicals of the tea can fortify the strands of the hair and are known to eliminate dandruff, naturally giving the rough and damaged hair a much smoother and silkier look. Research has shown that drinking of chamomile tea benefits the health of the hair by boosting blood circulation in the scalp to its best, the tea along with promoting hair growth reduces split ends and prevents irregular breakage of hair as well.