Top 10 Borage Oil Benefits

Top 10 Borage Oil Benefits

A healthy lifestyle might be the kind of conversation most people would choose not to talk about. For them, it means staying away from food that they like to eat. Keeping a healthy lifestyle can be fun, easy and rewarding if done right. You can start by incorporating beneficial substances into your daily routine slowly and one way to jumpstart your health journey is with the help of Borage Oil. It is a seed extract from a starflower o Borage. The species is a member of the Boraginaceae family, a flowering annual herb.

Borage thrives in the Mediterranean region and only exists in other locations due to naturalization. This specific type of herbal oil contains a substance that has the most potent anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory properties when compared to other seed oils from primrose and blackcurrant. Borage Oil contains a substance called as the GLA or the gamma-linolenic fatty acid, erucic acid, nervonic acid, palmitic acid, eicosenoic acid, and antioxidants, all of which are highly beneficial to the human body.

Borage Oil is highly-sought for in the market due to its nutrient-dense property. The efficacy of borage oil benefits not only the patient but also to medicinal study and application.  Borage oil treats people who have skin diseases like neurodermatitis, dermatitis, and eczema. Borage also cures common inflammation, ADHD, ARDS, diabetes, pre-menstrual syndrome, alcoholism, rheumatoid arthritis, and prevent stroke as well as heart diseases.

Borage oil is medically used to deal with a plethora of problems like soothing pain, reducing blood sugar, lowering inflammation, keeping the heart healthy, dealing with skin disorders, weight loss, lowering hyperactivity, lowering respiratory distress and preventing chronic diseases. To further enlighten you why borage oil benefits the human body in such a healthy way, we rounded up 10 surprising facts about the substance:

Top 10 Borage Oil BenefitsBorage Oil Ues as a Hangover Remedy

One of the many nifty, if not the most important borage oil benefits is that you can use it to deal with hangovers. Try using this borage substance if you have had too much alcohol in your system. Borage Oil coats the lining of the stomach boosts energy and speeds up metabolism resulting in a speedy detoxification of alcohol in the human body.

Borage Oil Treat Eczema

As mentioned earlier, borage oil benefits people with eczema and it is probably one of the reasons why it is harvested from borage. It has been backed by research that regular application of borage oil to patients with rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema will result in quick healing.

Borage OilEliminates Anxiety & Stress

Due to the borage oil’s hormonal effects, it is often used in aromatherapy to deal with symptoms of depression like anxiety and many more. Patients can use it to keep their worries and emotions effectively at bay. It is probably one of the most useful borage oil benefits that pique the interest of most patients.

Decrease ADHD

Borage Oil naturally lowers the stress levels in the human body ultimately lowering oxidative stress. This means that it can be an effective cure for ADHD as it soothes the nervous system. Through intake, users can expect an increase in concentration and focus. It has been studied that borage oil benefits individuals with chronic anxiety and hyperactive disorders.

Control Diabetes

Most diabetic patients turn to the wonders of borage in dealing with the constantly alarming highs and lows of glucose in their bodies. Borage oil benefits individuals in helping with the human body’s resistance to blood sugar and insulin. It is the reason why borage oil is such a great source of risk preventions to all patients with the same condition.

Borage Seed OilSoothes Painful PMS Symptoms

We all know how women suffer from PMS or premenstrual syndrome and how they would give everything to deal with their constant monthly pain. One of the most effective solution to that seemingly endless problem is through the use of borage oil. The substance stimulates the body’s adrenal glands which positively impacts hormonal balance. Borage oil benefits women by soothing painful cramps, breast tenderness, mood swings, and other symptoms of PMS.

Hair Care

Borage oil was traditionally used to moisturize the scalp preventing dandruff buildup as well as control dry and frizzy hair. These borage oil benefits work as it kills off the oxidative stress of the scalp. Borage is also widely used for bald people who want to dramatically increase hair growth.

Induce Weight Loss

Though reducing obesity isn’t one of the many famous borage oil benefits, studies have shown that it can stimulate the body’s metabolism. Borage oil works as effective as a weight loss supplement as it is in lowering the glucose levels of diabetic patients. Not only does the extracted oil from borage hormonally aids the body to melt fats, but it is also used to reduce appetite and deal with cholesterol by converting fat deposition into energy. Therefore, leading to dramatic caloric burns and physical fitness. It is an organic way of dealing with those extra pounds.

Borage Oil

Cleanses The Skin

One of the famous borage oil benefits is that it can make your skin look clearer and flawless. It is a substance that the beauty industry is going crazy for. Borage oil can be topically applied to the face, neck, chest or any acne affected area and remove it in the fastest possible way. Borage can also be used to flush out skin toxins, bring back normal sebum production, moisturize dry skin and lightens blemishes & scars.

Prevents Heart Disease

The reason why the oil from the borage herb is extracted is that it contains high levels of GLA and fatty acids. These substances are incidentally extremely healthy for the human heart. The hypotensive and anticoagulant properties are what makes it such an effective way to prevent future heart complications like heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and strokes. Regular intake of the borage oil means a well-balanced cholesterol level.

Pain Reliever

Borage oil benefits also those who are in pain as it can act as a pain reliever. Most especially to those who are experiencing chronic pain, breast pain and the constant sore feeling from surgeries and most injuries. Studies claim that through the process of releasing certain hormones and stimulating the human body’s pain receptors, the substance extracted from the borage herb can relieve and relax chronic pain conditions as well as the tension that goes along with it.

Borage OilTreats Respiratory Issues

The mucilage in Borage oil benefits those who are living with respiratory conditions. The mucilage in the extracted oil of borage kills off congestion and infections as it cuts through the mucus and phlegm all while relieving the tracts and sore throats all at the same time.

Lowers Inflammation

The oil of the borage plant contains considerable amounts of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that acts as an antioxidant on the body. Studies have proven that borage oil benefits in relieving oxidative stress and inflammation. There have been some signs that the substances found in borage oil also helps in keeping the risks of growing cancerous tumors and chronic diseases far at bay.


As much as borage oil benefits individuals with specific kinds of health needs, everyone should still remain vigilant when it comes to introducing a substance to their daily routine. May it be organic or chemical, it is imperative to know that some genes develop resistance or weakness depending on the environment it has thrived in. If you are dealing with conditions that expose you to gastrointestinal distress and bleeding problems as well as a candidate for prostate cancer or you are pregnant, it might be best that you take borage oil only after consulting to your doctor. Here’s why:

Borage may not be for you if you are diabetic with low blood sugar because of its blood sugar lowering properties. You will be sure to experience lightheadedness, fainting, fatigue, weakness and cognitive problems.

– Stay away if you are prone to conditions that cause you to bleed because the anticoagulant attributes of borage oil can expedite the bleeding process.

– GLA plays a key role from the long list of borage oil benefits, but beware, exposing your body to a certain amount might mean the encouragement of tumor growth which can quickly turn into prostate cancer. If you feel that your prostate is slightly enlarged, check on your physician first.

– Patients with seizure-induced conditions should medically check first before taking any seed oil extracts from the borage herb. It is for the reason that too much GLA in the body can be fatal to individuals that experience seizures every now and then.

– If you are pregnant, do not take the risk of having further complications by not checking in your ob-gyne first if you want to avoid any threats to the fetus or ultimately miscarrying the baby. It has not yet been scientifically confirmed that borage oil can be harmful to pregnant women, but the menstrual-treating ability of this substance might force the life-carrying body to go on a premature labor.