The Standing Diet - Lose Belly Fat With Unusual Trick

The Standing Diet – Lose Belly Fat With Unusual Trick

What Is Standing Diet?

Most people easily lose the motivation to lose belly fat and shed off those extra pounds whenever they think of the intense exercise routines they have to endure on a daily basis. Others fail to adhere to their daily workout routines simply because of their busy schedules both at home and in the office. The Standing Diet can be the best solution for people who are too busy or don’t want to do intense exercise routines on a daily basis. So what is this so-called Standing Diet? This type of weight loss involves a lot of standing up. Experts say that if you keep standing up for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes a day, your body can burn a total of 2,500 calories in one month. Standing Diet is simply standing more and sitting less. You have to make adjustments and changes in your daily life to make sure that you maintain this standing diet.

The message that the Standing Diet wants to convey is to be more active, and you have to move more and sit less. There are people who work out every day for 30 minutes to 1 hour but they also spend a lot of time during the day sitting down and being inactive. Sitting down for several hours a day is unhealthy and it can cause a lot of health issues.

10 Benefits of the Standing Diet

  1. Standing burns more calories – A study on the health benefit of standing has found that this practice can increase your heart rate, which in turn leads to a bigger calorie burn. When excess calories are burned off regularly, it is easier to lose belly fat.
  2. Lose weight without doing more exercise and without eating less – This only requires you to stand up or walk for at least 3 hours a day. There is no need to add more strenuous exercises or eat less because this will certainly burn off calories.
  3. No need to go jogging – If you stand up for 6 hours a day, it is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging.
  4. You can lose 8 pounds of fat in one year without making big changes to your lifestyle – Standing for one hour burns 50 calories. If you add them all up in a year, your body has burned 30,000 calories, which is equal to 8 pounds of fat.
  5. Lowers the risk of developing heart diseases – Researchers found that sitting and being idle for long hours is very unhealthy. Studies have shown that those who are constantly sitting most of the day have a higher risk of dying from heart attack.
  6. Standing diet reduces the risk of obesity – A study was conducted to examine the relationship between standing and obesity. The results revealed that men who stood up about 6 hours each day had 32% lower risk of obesity. In women standing a quarter of the time each day has a 35% lower risk of obesity.
  7. Standing diet plus exercise reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome – In order to lower the risk of metabolic syndrome, the combination of exercise and standing for long periods each day is a must.
  8. Faster weight loss results – Women who practiced the standing diet has testified that they already feel the positive changes in their body in just one month. Their waistline had slimmed down by 2cm and their body fat percentage had decreased by 2-3%.
  9. Become more energized and focused – Standing for longer periods of time in the office, or while working, helps to keep your mind focused. Standing and being active also gives the feeling of being energized.
  10. Standing diet decreases back, neck and sciatic pain – The human body is not designed to sit for 8 hours a day. By constantly sitting all day, you develop these bothersome back pains and neck pains. If you stand up and move, the pain will eventually disappear.

Healthy Facts About Standing You Should Know

  1. Standing increases your heart rate by 10 beats per minute. This leads to increased blood flow and metabolism.
  2. Standing activates your muscular and cellular system which can greatly decrease the risk of diabetes and obesity.
  3. Standing tones the muscles and develops good posture.
  4. Standing is just like walking or jogging because it increases energy and burns off calories.
  5. Standing increases your life expectancy.

How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Year Just by Standing More?

In one year, it is estimated that you can lose at least 3.5kg of body weight just by standing more and being active most of the time. By standing up for 3 hours in one day, you can burn 144 extra calories. The number of calorie-loss per day may seem small but if it continuously accumulates for one year, then it can translate into 3.5kg.

Healthy Way To Lose Weight Fast - The Standing Diet

How To Start With The Standing Diet?

It takes a lot of self-discipline to just stand up and avoid the temptation of sitting down on the soft cushion of your chair. Before starting with the Standing Diet, you must have the discipline and commitment to go through with this type of weight loss program. Make a list of the small changes that you are willing to do on a daily basis so you can stand up for a longer period of time each day. You have to remember that your main objective is to avoid sitting and being sedentary. When you spend more time sitting down, your belly fat grows bigger. Start small and gradually increase the length of time that you are standing up as you continue to progress each week.

Example of a Weekly Program

1st Week: Stand or walk for 5 minutes in every 30 minutes of your 8-hour working day. The total standing time is 1 hour and 20 minutes each day.

2nd Week: Stand or walk for a total of 3 hours per day. You are burning 144 extra calories for the 3 hours you spent standing up during the day.

3rd Week: Stand or walk for 3 hours per day PLUS 30 minutes of exercise. You can do your exercise in the morning or afternoon.

4th Week: Try standing up or walking for more than 3 hours per day with 30-minute exercise. You can do your exercise in the morning or afternoon.

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Daily Goals and Tasks to Practice the Standing Diet

  • When going to work or rushing to a meeting, take the bus or the train and do not sit down.
  • Watch your favorite TV shows while standing up.
  • If you are working at home on your laptop, do not sit down. You can place the laptop on a higher table so you won’t have to stoop low when typing.
  • Keep standing up or walking when you are talking to someone on the phone.
  • If it is possible, use a standing desk at work
  • Wash the dishes in the sink while standing up. Avoid using the dishwasher.
  • Choose restaurants where you can stand up and eat on the counter, such as noodle bars and espresso counters.
  • When having a conversation at home, stand up or walk around.
  • Go on an afternoon walk around the neighborhood. If you have a pet dog, take him or her out for a stroll every day.
  • Keep track of how much time you spend standing up each day and make an effort to prolong it each week.
  • Get a fitness tracker that can monitor your number of steps per day. Your goal is to achieve 7,000 to 10,000 steps per day. The tracker can also monitor the number of hours you sleep each day.
  • When tending to your garden, use a watering can for your plants instead of using the hosepipe. By using the watering can, you are forced to walk around and stand up longer.

How to Stand More During Work Time, Family Time and During Meals

Work Time

During work time, you can insist on using a standing desk. When having a meeting with the boss, you can just stand up. Or if you are the boss, you can hold the meeting while standing up or walking outside. Some companies prefer informal meetings where people can just stand up or walk around because it tends to be more productive. If you have a trash bin near your workstation, you can move it far from you so that you will be forced to stand up every time you have something to throw away. The standing diet can be practiced anywhere, even at your workplace.

Family Time

When watching the TV at home, you can stand up or walk around during commercial breaks. You can do all the chores at home while standing up. You can also convince your loved ones at home to go on long walks in the morning or afternoon. If you try to stand up for longer periods during your family time, you will lose belly fat in a matter of weeks.

During Meals

You can go to a restaurant that allows customers to eat at counters. There are Japanese noodle bars where people are eating while standing up. This is also possible on espresso counters. However, some experts do not suggest that you eat while standing. They say that sitting is necessary when eating because it aids in the digestion of the food.

The Standing Diet is a great way to lose belly fat and maintain good health. The tasks and daily goals of the standing diet to achieve a flat stomach may sound unusual, but they really work. Monitor your progress each week and stay committed with your daily health routines. Remember to eat healthier foods and do your exercise routines while you are progressing through this Standing Diet.


The Standing Diet – Lose Belly Fat With Unusual Trick

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