Long Term Memory Loss? 10 Ways To Improve Long Term Memory

Long Term Memory Loss? 10 Ways To Improve Long Term Memory

Sometimes it is nice to look back what happened in the past especially the happy memories that you’ve got. What you are today is the result of yesterday, but do you remember clearly what was the best thing that happened 10 years ago in your life? No idea? You might have a long term memory loss. What is long term memory loss? Long-term memories are formed when short-term memories, or non-permanent memories, are consolidated in the hippocampus, a brain structure located in the medial temporal lobe; once the memories are consolidated, they are available independent from the hippocampus in the neocortex, where they can be retrieved. When you have long-term memory loss, you have a problem recalling stored memories in your past, not creating new memories. This article is for you if you are dealing with long-term memory loss. Improve memory by these top 10 methods. But first, let’s talk about the major reason why sometimes people have a problem with long-term memory loss. These are the major reason why people have long-term memory loss:

  1. Head Injury – If you have a history of this, it has a big factor for your long term memory loss because it affects some part of your brain. But memories usually come back when the head injury was healed.
  2. Nutritional Deficiency – If you’re lacking in Vitamin B12, that leads to a long term memory loss. Vitamin B12 has a big factor in your normal nerve function and if you lack in this it can surely lead to a long term memory loss and even dementia.
  3. Statins – Statin is responsible for reducing blood cholesterol level. Statins pull cholesterol from all of the body’s tissues and if they do this too rapidly, long term memory loss can be one of the side effects since cholesterol is needed for memory processes in the body.
  4. Medications – medications such as sleeping pills, antihistamines, anti-anxiety medications, antidepressant, cholesterol-lowering medication, and diabetes medication can lead to long term memory loss. Why? Because of the different side effect of the drugs you are taking. To improve memory results, you might need to stop the taking of this medication.

Long Term Memory Loss? 10 Ways To Improve Long Term Memory

Say NO to Sugar

What happens to your brain when it is exposed to the excessive amount of sugars? Well, it is definitely not better because it can lead to long-term memory loss. Taking sugar too much is very harmful to your body. Because the brain is rich in a nerve cell, or neurons. Brain function like thinking, memory, and learning will be affected by sugar because our brain is connected to the glucose level. If it is harmful to your body, it is also harmful to your brain. Sugar is one of the main reason why people have a long-term memory loss. Improved memory will be easier if you don’t take too much sugar.

Sleep for About 8 Hours a Day

Did you know that France is the most productive country in the world? The average person in France sleeps for about 8.83 hours a day. Sleeping can improve memory results and become more productive in life. If you are struggling to sleep for about 8 hours a day, at least find a way how will you recover your sleep. If you just slept for about 4 hours today, sleep for about 12 hours tomorrow and by that way you are helping your body to recover your incomplete sleep. Sleep is very vital to your health, it can be the reason why you will improve memory result or it can be the reason for your long term memory loss.

Less Alcohol

Consuming too many alcoholic beverages can be vital to your health in many ways and sad to say, it can also negatively impact your memory. Alcohol creates a blackout in your memory because your blood alcohol level rises too quickly. A side effect of taking too much of drinking alcohol can be a long-term memory loss. Discipline yourself when it comes to drinking alcohol so you can Improve memory results.

Play Brain Games & Strategy Games

Playing can enhance your brain and gives your better result of an improved memory. It also enhances your reaction time, enables you to think faster, improves your hidden abilities, has a better understanding of things because you use strategy to win the game. Brain games are a fun activity and it challenges your mind that also prevents long-term memory loss. It makes you think hard and in that way, you are helping your memory to improve. Brain games give you brain training. Try playing card games, board games, puzzle games, and computer games. That is one the easiest way to improve memory result. If you are a Senior, this method is for you to improve your memory result. Go on and play now with your friends in your free time

Cocoa Powder

Drink Hot Cocoa

How can Cocoa improve memory result? Cocoa improves blood flow to your brain and heart. If your brain has a nice blood flow, you won’t easily forget things in the past and you are not prone to long-term memory loss. You remember a nice thing. Cocoa is not only delicious but also nutritious, providing a powerful dose of antioxidants called flavonoids. Improve memory result by drinking hot Cocoa every day.


Meditations help you live in the moment! It helps you ease anxiety and depression that leads to long-term memory loss. Meditation can also change the structure of the brain in a good way. It also prevents the brain cells from dying. Meditation reduces stress, promotes emotional health, enhances social awareness, and helps you fight your addiction. People who meditate are the happiest person and can sleep well in the night. Try meditating for about 5 minutes to 10 minutes a day. Try this method before breakfast. Start your day with a meditation and with a smile. Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably for about 5 minutes to 10 minutes and focus on your breathing. Doing this every day will surely improve memory result of yours.


If you’re a coffee lover you are not prone to getting this long-term memory loss. Why is it good for you brain’s health? Because the caffeine can boost your brain faction. It also blocks adenosine from binding to its receptors because of the effect of caffeine. Coffee increases alertness, improves memory result, improves your mood, and sharpens your concentration. There are roughly 2.25 billion cups of coffee that was drinking and enjoyed every day.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eat foods like a dairy product, meat, fatty fish, berries, turmeric, broccoli, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, nuts, orange, eggs, and foods that are rich in Vitamin B12. Healthy foods also have a big factor in your normal nerve function and if you lack sufficient healthy food it can surely lead to a long term memory loss and even dementia. Eat healthy food of the effective ways for long term memory loss cure and it can reduce the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease, and improve memory results.

Be Mentally Active

Going outside with your friends can help you improve your memory. Don’t think about negative thought and just focus on the happy memories you have. Always believe in yourself that you can achieve your goal and what you want in life. Don’t just stay in your house, discover something new, play sports with your friends, and keep on learning new things in life. You can improve memory results if you are always mentally active. Seek Joy and be happy all the time. Being mentally active helps improve memory result and you remember more good things in the past.


Laugh More, Worry less

If you’re always mad, annoyed, forgot important things, and stress, maybe you need to drop all that you are doing and laugh! Laughing improves memory results and fights long-term memory loss. Yes, you read it right. We have a saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”. Laughing helps you fight stress. Try watching funny videos for about 20 minutes a day. You burn 10-15 calories if you laugh for about 20 minutes, that is a trivia for you! If you’re having a stressful day or a bad day, try to look for funny videos and memes because they will make you laugh hard. Be positive always by laughing to improve memory results.

That is your top 10 easiest way to improve your long term memory loss. We all have stories to tell to our friends, family, stranger, or to your mutual. People will surely love you when you remember every little detail about them in the past. Be productive and help your brain to be healthy by doing these methods. Improve memory of yours and get rid of this long term memory loss.