Inner Thigh Workout: Top 10 Inner Thigh Exercises

Inner Thigh Workout: Top 10 Inner Thigh Exercises

People have this what we called inner thigh fats, and some of the women won’t like fats. It is a common concern specifically those women out there. People really wonder what are those inner thigh exercises that needed to work within this very common trouble area. What are the best inner thigh exercises? What exercises help tone inner thighs? Is that helpful? Walking and jogging are one of the main exercises to make your thighs fitter perfectly.

There are some benefits of having a smaller thigh, for some part in rising popularity of wearing those skinny jeans and this fashion trend is usually reigniting the appeal to those people, basically for women, who are thinner thighs. And sometimes people should aware of an unhealthy way and think what are the best inner thigh exercises should be applied for every, especially for women.

The great news is getting rid of excess body fat does provide you with a fitter and a healthier body. One of those is exercising, it is a great way to cut unhealthy body fats and tone your thighs, particularly these Top 10 Inner Thigh Exercises that designed to work on healthier and have a fitter and skinny thighs.

For Women: Basically, being fit, skinny, and sexy is one of the requirements of being a model and let’s include a healthy one. Most of the women are likely to intend to have a natural fit and skinny, they think that most of the models have a thigh gap but somehow it is not actually really true. Aside from dying to have smaller thighs, women usually think about the thigh gap. What is the thigh gap? Well, It is actually the space between their thighs when standing up straight with their knees together. Nowadays, women are dying to have a thigh gap because of some reasons that it has become the norm. It has become synonymous with being skinny and fit but sadly to say that it also becomes synonymous with eating disorders. Instead of focusing on having a thigh gap, use proven inner thigh exercises, along with a healthy diet.

Can men do some inner thighs workouts? Men rarely do this exercise due to the stigma because inner thigh workouts are usually done with females. It is a feminine type of exercise. If man seeking to increase his leg mass, then training your inner thighs is necessary but men don’t have to do the seated hip-adduction exercise like women usually do, although it is an excellent movement for men’s inner thighs. We believe, training is for everyone, and self-improvement should be the main goal in our lives. If you want to make a change in your life, then it’s time to start without hesitating.

5 Tips Before Exercising

Why do required some tips before undergoing exercising? To avoid muscle pains and any other complications you may be encountered. It can be done both during and after the exercise. It is basically required for all people!

  1. Do some WARM-UPS. Try our Top 10 Warm Up Exercises
  2. Must have fifteen (15) seconds rest for each exercise and one (1) minute between each round.
  3. After exercising, do some lower body stretching routines.
  4. Do 20 -30 minutes of cardio (5-6 times a week) combined with this inner thigh exercises routine.
  5. Combine clean eating diet. Drink more water every day.

Inner Thigh Workout: Top 10 Inner Thigh Exercises

Inner Thigh Workout: Top 10 Inner Thigh Exercises

Thighs tend to be the problem for most of the women. Though, it’s not the end of the world. There is a lot of time to make a change for yourselves. So, here are the top ten (10) thigh exercises and it can be done also at home and helps your thigh thinner:

Lunge Back Kick

Lunge Back Kick

The main role of this inner thigh muscle is to flex and extend your thigh bone. When every time you do a forward lunge followed by a back lunge kick, you force the inner thigh muscles to move through their full range of motion.

– First, begin with your feet hip-width apart, then take a step forward with your right leg, and lunge. Kick your right leg back and squeeze the glutes. Return to the position where you’ve started. And repeat with the left leg. Keep alternating legs.

Diamond Kicks

Diamond Kicks

This move works to strengthen your inner thighs, cores, and glutes. It really improves the stability of the knee, your hip joints and it enhance your balance as well as your flexibility.

– Lie on your back with your arms by your sides. Then raise legs toward the ceiling and bend your knees. And bring the soles of your feet together just like a frog. Extend your leg to the side (as far as possible), and then squeeze the inner thighs to bring them together. Lastly, return to the frog position. Repeat until the set is complete.

Cross Jacks

Cross Jacks

This exercise will effectively target your inner thigh muscles while engaging your whole body, also. This moves also increases your heart rate. It helps you to burn more calories and even trimming down your body fat.

– First, stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, your arms up and extended out to the sides. Jump up and cross your leg. And do the jump again! Return to the starting position. Repeat! And reverse the position of your arms and legs.

Frog Bridge

Frog Bridge

It helps you to activate and strengthen your inner thighs to a greater degree. It helps you to lift and sculpt the glutes, and it improves your spinal stabilization as well.

– Lie on your back then bend your arms and knees. And press the soles of your feet together. Let your thigh falls open. Then squeeze the glutes, lift your hips off the mat and hold it for one second. Lastly, lower your hips! And repeat this movement until the set is complete.

Gate Wings

Gate Swings

This exercise is a great cardio move that also trains your thighs, legs, glutes, and even your core muscles. It actually improves your aerobic fitness, boosts the metabolism, and will be enhancing fat loss.

– Start yourself with a sumo-squat position with your feet in a wide stance. Then your toes must point out to the sides and your thighs parallel to the floor. Jump up while crossing your legs. Then jump again while uncrossing your legs. Right after, bend your knees and press your hips back. And back to a position where you’ve started with. Then, repeat until the set is complete.

Reverse Clamshell

Reverse Clamshell

It is a perfect exercise to sculpt and tighten your inner thighs. It also strengthens your outer thighs, tones the glutes, and it will help to stabilize the pelvic muscles.

– Lie on your side. And your knees must slightly bend, one leg is on top of the other and place a softball (or any) between your thighs. Keep your feet together and squeeze the ball with your inner thighs. Lastly, release the ball! Repeat and then switch sides.

Back Lunges

Bodyweight Lunges

This exercise is a great way to target your inner thighs. You do performing single leg through a full range of motion while you are standing.

– First, start straight on a firm surface. Your feet should be kept (a few inches apart). And your upper body should be upright at starting position. And do remain upright throughout. Then, pick your right foot up and step forwards slowly. Lower your hips, and bend your right knee at a 90-degree angle. Your front knee must not push out over your ankle. And your back knee should not be touching the floor. Your movements must be slow so that your back knee does not touch the floor. And then, put your weight in your heels, and push yourself up to starting position. Lastly, Repeat with left leg up front.

Inner Thigh Lifts - Inner Thigh Workout

Inner Thigh Lifts

This exercise targets your inner thighs. This move is not just only strengthens and trims your inner thighs but it helps to improve your body balance and your stability.

– Lie on your side. Lengthen your bottom leg while crossing your leg. Flex your bottom foot! Lift your leg and then lower it back without touching it to the floor. Lastly, Repeat and do switch sides.

Frog Jumps

Frog Jumps

It undeniably helps you to burn more calories. Continue burning even both during and after exercise. It will tighten, sculpts and also slims down the tights.

– Sit back with your feet in a wide range, with toes turned out at an angle. Then jump forward and up, land your toes and squat. And jump back! Repeat this back and forth.

Side Plank as a Fat Burning Exercise

Inner Thigh Raises to Plank

It activates the inner thigh It improves the core strength, and it helps tone your thighs, hips, and glutes.

– Start with side plank position with your right shoulder over your elbow, and then place your left foot on top of the box. Then, bend your right leg back. You squeeze the inner left thigh, lift up your hip off to the floor. Then bring your hip down without touching the floor, then bring it back until your body is in already the straight line. Repeat as much as you can. And switch sides.

There are three (3) things to consider if you, women, want to achieve shapely and toned thighs: Implement these thigh exercises with a healthy diet, and you are sure to get fitter and have stronger thighs.

First, Eating a healthy diet. What food are you eating? The fact that, it is so important to eat a balanced diet of healthy carbs, lean proteins, and some good fats.Though proteins powders can be useful in building your body muscles. Lastly, instead of eating those unhealthy foods, try to eat much more vegetables and start to have your own dietary plan notes or reminder notes. At the end of the day, healthy is more important than being a wealthy man. read more – Clean Eating Meal Plan: The Healthy Grocery List That Will Change Your Life

Second, Toning your muscles. Combining them with the exercises mentioned above, it can provide a great overall tone in your thighs especially for women. While adding resistance band exercise can help build stronger your muscles.

Lastly, Stay active (regular exercise). There are so many activities and exercises that are more effective than the others in helping you, women, maintain lean thighs. Walking, jogging, and even cycling is one of the great and basic exercises for your thighs. It helps you actually maintain your body health as well as your desires of having shapely and toned thighs. Nevertheless, always remember that you need to apply those things you think what makes you best. And it is also important to know some basic healthy lifestyle habits.

Final Thoughts

People have their own desires in life. People cannot easily judge without knowing the truth behind. People nowadays are more likely to intend and engage in having a healthy life. Exercising, makes your thigh thinner, and make your life more valuable and meaningful, is what people usually wish to do.

Thigh gap? It has been always and somewhat of the desired look, but the truth is most body types don’t allow for this kind of desires. It is globally recommended that instead of focusing on the thigh gap, women should be more proactive and should be more sensitives when it comes to desire something. And women should use and do some proven inner thigh exercises focusing on the 10 best inner thigh exercises stated above. While doing some exercises, don’t forget the healthy diet lower in fat and build a stronger body.

The thigh is made up of several muscles groups such as the anterior thigh muscles, the medial thigh muscles, and the posterior thigh muscles that work together with your hips and lower legs to produce movement and to provide balance and stability for your body. Eventually, the inner thigh fats are one of the common issues, troubles, and concerns among of the women in the universe. Women should not always think of having a thinner thigh but having a healthy body with a skinny and thinner thigh. Passion, dedication, and determination are one of the main requirements aside from exercising. Yes, it truly is! It is your self-discipline that makes you reach what your desires in lives.