How Long Should A Nap Be

How Long Should A Nap Be

What is the recommended time for napping?

10-20 Minutes

If you choose to give your body a rest of 10 to 20 minutes during the day you will become more productive. Take a nap for 10-20 minutes to boost alertness, energy, to refresh and get back to work. This lenght usually limits you to the lighter stages of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, makeing it easier to hit the ground running after waking up.

30 Minutes

Some studies show sleeping this long may cause sleep inertia, a hangover like groggy feeling that last for up to 30 minutes after waking up. before the naps restorative benefits become apparent. Try to avoid sleep for 30 minutes to prevent feeling extremely groggy.


60 Minutes

This nap is best for improvement the memory. it includes the deepest type of slow wave sleep. It is recommended to take a nap for 60 minutes to improve your communication skills, focus, memory and face and name recognition. Negative effects: light-hearted feeling of a hangover after waking up.


90 Minutes

90 minutes it’s a full cycle of sleep. Meaning the lighter and deeper stages including REM (repid eye movement) sleep, typically liked to the dreaming stage of slee. The positive benefits 90 minutes sleep are improve emotional and procedural memory (same like palying the piano) and creativity. A nap of this lenght typically avoids sleep inertia make it easier to wake up.


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