8 Tips For Good Health

Good Health Tips: Top 8 Tips For a Better Health

Use these 8 tips to improve your quality of life, overall health, and happiness.


Health Tip #1

Lemon water helps clean the toxins out of our bodies. When you get rid of toxic waste in your system, your skin will be the first to show it.

8 Tips For Good Health

Health Tip #2

Meditation or deep breathing for few minutes a day is like a massage for your internal organs. It improves your entire bodies circulation.8 Tips For Good Health

Health Tip #3

Treat soda like it’s candy, not as a drink. Most sodas and candy are almost equal in the amount of sugar.8 Tips For Good Health

 Health Tip #4

Eating guacamole can make you happier. Avocados help boost serotonin levels in the brain.
Top 10 Avocado Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

8 Tips For Good Health

Health Tip #5

Learn the simple math of eating:
Protein + Carbs = Muscle Gain
Protein + Fat = Maintenance
Protein + Veggies = Fat Loss8 Tips For Good Health

Health Tip #6

Eating your food slowly will help you lost weight, enjoy your food more, reduce stress and lead to better digestion. Easy to Digest Foods: 15 Best Foods for Digestion8 Tips For Good Health

Health Tip #7

Just 20 minutes of exercise for three days a week will increase your happiness by around 10-20%. Daily Workout Plan for Losing Weight: Weight Loss Workout Routine8 Tips For Good Health

Health Tip #8

Stop using your phone before you go to bed. It has been proven that cell phone radiation causes insomnia can prevent you from getting to sleep. Insomnia: Foods That Will Help You Sleep At Night8 Tips For Good Health