THE TRUTH ABOUT GETTING FIT: Weight Loss Exercises Everyone Should Know

THE TRUTH ABOUT GETTING FIT: Weight Loss Exercises Everyone Should Know

The first thing one should know about weight loss that many people aren’t aware of is that it is a very simple formula. To lose any amount of weight, it is simply a matter of more calories leaving the body than calories entering. Obviously, this means that the first order of business is to lower one’s calorie consumption. However, exercise can also have a very strong impact on how much weight is lost in a given period of time.

Cardiovascular Exercises

The objective is the simple numerical push to lose as many calories as possible for as long a time as possible if you want to lose weight. This usually means the so-called “cardiovascular exercises”, which are those exercises which can be done for a long amount of time because they don’t tire one out too quickly and which call into play as much of the body as possible, allowing one’s body to unite in the task of burning calories.


Although it is an old method, jogging remains one of the most effective and common exercises for weight loss. It is popular because it works very well and progress can be measured easily. One hour of moderately energetic jogging will lose a person somewhere in the mid-hundreds in terms of calories, which can be something like a third of a person’s total daily consumption. If you are able to implement a jogging program and work up to the one-hour mark consistently, then you should see brisk improvements at the scale.


A little less intensive is walking. Like jogging, you are using your whole body to propel yourself from place to place with walking. Walking for a period of time burns around a third of the calories of jogging, but it is no slouch if you look at it from a long-term perspective. Walking for an hour a day without changing one’s diet will allow the typical person to lose 20 pounds over the course of a year.


The majority of people don’t have access to bodies of water where they can swim, but because of the puissance of swimming in the realm of fitness, it would behoove the weight-conscious to get a pass to the local swimming pool or gym. This is the most effective of the exercises here, burning more calories than jogging in equal periods of time and extremely safe for the body. Jogging or running can wear down joints and cause injuries, but swimming is far safer than this in terms of impact on the body. It may leave you exhausted by the end for the first several sessions, but after a month of daily swimming, you may be astounded by the results.

Getting Fit, The Right Way

You may notice that the common theme that runs throughout all of these descriptions is that of consistency. No exercise will be effective for weight loss if you only do it haphazardly – getting fit must become a daily habit. On the other hand, even more, modest calorie-burners than these, such as weight-lifting, mopping, or bicycle riding, can have a big positive income on your waistline if you do them daily.