Flat Stomach: Best Exercises For a Flat Stomach

Many people want to achieve that perfect body, but most of the time the biggest problem is getting rid of that stubborn belly fat. You may be losing those extra pounds, but your belly fat is still there, and it doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you do. For many overweight Americans, getting started with a daily exercise routine is very challenging. Perhaps you are one of those people who want to lose weight, but you haven’t started it yet.

Almost everyone in the country knows that obesity is on the rise. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from 1980 to 2000, the rate of obesity has doubled among adults and children and tripled among teenagers. It is estimated that there are over 60 million obese adults in the United States. This is a scary fact because the statistics show that this number makes up 30% of the population.

Obesity is not only unattractive, but it is also very dangerous for the health. Those children and adolescents, who are suffering from obesity at such a young age, will be living for so many years with debilitating diseases caused by being overweight.

Recent studies have shown that obesity increases the risk of terminal diseases such as cancers and heart disease. Obesity is a silent killer that is slowly wreaking havoc inside the body. Some of the health problems caused by obesity include: Gallbladder disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, Fatty Liver disease, Pregnancy complications and Metabolic Syndrome.

If you are overweight, it’s time to do something about it because your body can really benefit from losing those unwanted fats. Losing ten to twenty pounds can make a big difference in lowering your risk of getting these diseases.

Where Is Your Fat Being Stored?

One of the most common areas where fats are being stored is right around the midsection or the belly. Having excess belly fat can happen to both men and women. Belly fats are not just ugly to look at, but it is also an indicator of hidden health issues. Fats around the midsection are considered as a dangerous type of fat to have. Belly fat is also called visceral fat and it lies in close proximity to the vital organs of the body, which makes it very dangerous. Fats that are stored closer to the vital organs have a higher risk of getting into the bloodstream and circulating the entire body. These fats can lead to clogged arteries, heart diseases, hypertension and problems with the metabolic functions.

How Do Fat Cells Work?

After eating your meal, your body starts to produce a hormone called insulin. This hormone acts on the cells found in your fat tissues, liver, and muscles and tells it to do the following:

  • Absorb fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids.
  • Stop breaking down fats into fatty acids and glycerol.
  • Start building fats from glycerol and fatty acids.

The fatty acids in the blood are then absorbed into the fat cells, liver cells, and muscle cells. When the cells are stimulated by the insulin, the fatty acids are converted into fat molecules and is stored as fat droplets. Fat cells can also absorb amino acids and glucose. However, given a choice, fat cells will always choose to absorb fat and store it, instead of absorbing carbohydrates.

5 Simple Ways to End Belly Fat Now

Dark Leafy Green Vegetables as a Anti-Inflammatory Food

Eat Real Food

What is real food? All the packaged food and canned food that has been loaded with preservatives and additives are considered as fake food. If you want to become healthier and lose weight, you have to avoid these fake foods and eat only real food. Real foods are fruits, vegetables, legumes, clean meat, fish, and seeds, which are grown without any chemicals added to it. Try to consume more vegetables, especially if you’re trying to get rid of your belly fat. Read More – Clean Eating Meal Plan: The Healthy Grocery List That Will Change Your Life

You can also try a weight-loss diet with more protein and fewer carbs. With a diet of high protein and fewer carbohydrates, your brain may receive less of the hunger-inducing hormones, therefore suppressing your appetite. Reducing carbs may also mean a reduction in calories, which leads to weight loss. Read More – Diets That Work

A diet of high protein and fewer carbs also means that lowering carbohydrates intake can lessen your insulin level. With low insulin, your body makes more glucagon, which helps in burning your stored fats. Read More – High Protein Foods: Top Meatless Protein Foods, Vegan Protein: Top Vegan & Vegetarian Protein Sources

Carbohydrates are mainly the sugars, fibers, and starches found in vegetables, fruits, grains and milk products. It is also an important source of energy for the body and essential in having a balanced diet. If you are doing intensive exercises, you have to include carbohydrates in your diet for energy. You can also consult a dietician to find out your energy requirements and how much carbs you can reduce from your diet.

Even if you are following a diet that consists of 75% protein and 25% carbs, it is still important to follow the principles of a healthy balanced diet. Choose real foods that are high in vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fat. Eat more fruits and vegetables because they are low in carbs and add more energy to your diet.

Dumbbell Squat - 7 Days Beginner's Workout Plan

One Hour Daily Workout

It would be very difficult to lose your belly fat if you just rely on your balanced diet without any daily exercise routine. If you want to lose weight and get rid of your belly fat, you need at least an hour of workout each day targeting your belly, abdominal muscles, hips, glutes, and legs. When you continue working out every day and you follow a strict balanced diet, you are burning calories, and also taking in fewer calories. After 4 weeks, you will feel lighter and a lot leaner, with a flatter belly and bigger muscle mass. Read More – Total Transformation: Bikini Body Workout Plan

Follow these Exercise Routines to Achieve a Flat Stomach

You can follow this training session that includes 6 exercises to achieve a flat stomach. You can repeat the set 4 times to complete this training session.

  • Starfish Exercise – 45 seconds each
  • Side to Side Core Exercise – 50 reps
  • Side Plank Exercise – 1 minute each side
  • Plank – 5 minutes
  • Bicycle Crunch – 2-3 minutes
  • Superman Exercise – 45 seconds

Lead a More Active Lifestyle

Being more active means doing healthy activities that keep your heart rate up. In other words, you should never stop moving. When going to the office, you can use the stairs instead of the elevator. You can even jog or use a bicycle to commute to work. You can also do a quick exercise during your lunch break. Running, jogging, walking and doing other cardio exercises are proven to burn calories and get rid of that excess fat in your midsection.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

According to a study made regarding visceral fats, sleeping 5 hours or less every night increases the risk of gaining belly fat. You should always aim for 8 hours of sleep to avoid getting those unsightly bulges in your midsection. Read More – How Long Should A Nap Be, Insomnia: Foods That Will Help You Sleep At Night


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