Female Orgasm: 14 Facts About the Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm: 14 Facts About the Female Orgasm

The female orgasm is a topic that not many people know too much about. Men, and even some women have very few knowledge when it comes to female orgasm. Most of these interesting facts were discovered by scientists and doctors who are expert in the female reproductive system. Here are some amazing facts that you should know about female orgasm.

The distance between a woman’s clitoris and her vaginal opening is associated with her likelihood of having an orgasm during vaginal intercourse

If the distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening is smaller, or if it is thumb-width or less, then she may have a good chance of achieving orgasm. The reason behind this is because the clitoris can be indirectly stimulated during intercourse, which delivers more pleasure, therefore making it easier for the woman to achieve orgasm.

Women can experience orgasm in their sleep

It is a well-known fact that men experience “wet dreams,” especially during their teens, which leads to orgasm and ejaculation during sleep. However, not everyone knows that women also experience orgasm during sleep. Yes, that’s right! Nocturnal orgasm can also happen to women. There was even a research that shows 37% of the women surveyed had at least one orgasm in their sleep.

Women are capable of multiple orgasms

Some scientists believe that a large number of women are capable of achieving multiple orgasms, unlike men, who don’t have a refractory period upon reaching orgasm. It is very rare for men to have multiple orgasms. The record for the highest number of orgasms for a woman in one hour is 134.

Some women experience orgasm through nipple stimulation alone

The reason behind this type of orgasm is because the nipple stimulation activates the same brain regions as the clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

Some women experience orgasm during exercise

Core exercises for women may be able to deliver orgasms. A research was conducted where women were surveyed regarding exercise-induced orgasms. A large number of women reported that they were able to have orgasms while exercising. However, core exercise is not the only physical activity that can induce orgasm, because some women have reported having an orgasm during weightlifting, running and yoga.

Female Orgasm: 14 Facts About the Female Orgasm

Women can also experience premature orgasm

Premature orgasm usually happens in men, and this is often referred to as premature ejaculation. However, research has shown that this condition also happens to women. In 2011, a study was conducted among Portuguese women, and they found that 14% of the women experience premature orgasms on occasions. While 3% of the women reported that they have premature orgasm frequently. This may be conclusive proof that premature orgasm in women can happen.

Women are more likely to reach orgasm with partners who are attractive, wealthy, and confident

Some scientists argue that in our modern society, orgasm eventually evolved as a type of feedback mechanism that informs women about the reproductive fitness and potential of their mates.

The longer penis does not increase the chance of women reaching orgasm during intercourse

It is not true that women will always reach orgasm if their male partner has a longer penis. However, there are women who prefer a longer penis because it can reach and stimulate their cervix, which they find pleasurable. There are women who can reach orgasm because of cervical stimulation.

The female orgasm is connected with pain

Brain-imaging has revealed that the part of the brain that processes pain is activated when a woman reaches orgasm. This shows that there is a strong connection between a woman’s pleasure and pain.

Women who have a more prominent tubercle of the upper lip are more likely to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse

This shows that the shape of a woman’s lips can increase her chances of reaching orgasm. However, this is not really a proven fact. This idea was just based on a study wherein the women with the prominent and sharply raised center of the upper lip had the greatest likelihood of achieving orgasm. The study was not very clear about the reasons behind this finding. They theorize that whatever hormone caused the prominent tubercle, also lead to other biological changes that affected the woman’s orgasm potential.

The environment and social factors affect the ability of a woman to achieve orgasm

The woman’s orgasm sometimes depends on her state of mind, stress level, and the environment. This is the reason why some women find it hard to reach orgasm. She may be occupied with other things, or she is not comfortable with the environment.

Orgasm can get better with age for women

The quality and frequency of orgasm may actually improve as the woman grows older. A survey was made regarding the frequency of orgasm for each age group. The result showed that women in their 40s reached orgasm easily than the younger groups.

Variety of sexual acts can influence orgasm in women

It is easier for women to achieve orgasm if they engage in a variety of sex acts, instead of just sticking to one. Experts recommend switching things up if the woman is having difficulty reaching orgasm.

The likelihood of a woman achieving orgasm is connected with how many times she had sex with that man before, her feelings about that guy, and the sexual activities they engage in

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