10 Health Benefits of Goji Berry

Top 10 Health Benefits of Goji Berry

The name Goji berry has been taken from its mandarin name Gouqi. This berry generally grows in China but are also grown in parts of the world with warmer climatic conditions like in Australia and Central Asia. The Chinese had included this wonder-berry in their diet from a very long time. Moreover, it has also found a place in their traditional medicine which is very effective in the treatment of life-taking diseases such as cancer. Goji-berry is considered a powerhouse of different unique beneficial components. It is a vital source of Vitamin B and calcium which are very beneficial for the human body. Goji –berry is also famed as an anti-aging agent as it prevents the harmful effects of free radicals to the DNA structure. Some of the benefits of goji-berry are as follows:

Beneficial For Diabetic PatientsControls Diabetes

In modern times one of the major diseases concerning mankind is Diabetes. Keeping blood-sugar levels under control is an absolute must as, blood sugar if not kept in check can cause several other diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke and ocular diseases. The GI value of Goji berry is just 29 which will not spike up the blood glucose level suddenly like other fruits. Goji berry can also promote a healthy body-weight.Goji Berry

Keeps Cholesterol Levels in Check

One of the major factors of heart diseases is high cholesterol level in blood. The blood flow in arteries and blood vessels is prevented due to the formation of structures inside the blood vessels. As the path of blood flow is prevented it results in more pumping of the heart in order for the blood to reach its destination. Due to the heart pumping more it weakens the organ. There are two types of cholesterol in blood namely the bad cholesterol or LDL or good cholesterol or HDL. Goji berry if taken on a regular basis helps in maintaining the cholesterol level in the blood in the right proportion. Moreover, it is LDL which is mainly reduced by the berry.

Cardiovascular System ProtectionCardiovascular System Protection

Free Radicals brings about aging in an individual. They affect every major organ including the heart. Though it requires a lot of time before it can bring about any substantial damage to the organ, it is advisable to take precautionary steps at an early stage. If not maintained from an early stage it can result in severe damage to various organs including the heart. This wonder berry contains chemicals which are anti-oxidant in nature and can prevent the heart from being damaged by free-radicals. A recent research has shown that Goji berry can effectively prevent the damage to the heart by free radicals.

Provides Protection Against CancerProtection Against Cancer

The Chinese have been using goji berry extracts since decades in treating cancer. This berry is not only used as a food but also used as medicine due to its high anti carcinogenic traits. When goji berry extracts were injected to cancer cells it provided astonishing results as it was capable of controlling their growth. The Chinese have been using goji berry as a traditional medicine against cancer. Goji berry is also seen to promote the ability of other pharmaceuticals in their fight against cancer.

Prevents Aging

Prevents Aging

Free radicals are biological waste products produced by our body over the years by our normal activities in the body as we simply live our life. They are the main reason which brings about the aging of our body as they affect the DNA. There are essential amino acids and mineral in goji berry which plays a major role in repairing the body tissues and regenerate body cells. If the body cells keep on regenerating it can effectively delay aging. It not only regenerates body cells, it further helps delay the process by effectively preventing the DNA structure from being affected. Studies have proven that by intake of goji juice on a regular basis can not only delay the aging process but also in some cases reverse the aging signs.

Protects The BrainProtects The Brain

Goji berry contains high vitamin B and calcium content. Due to such high content of the above two components goji berry has been found to be very effective against degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s. Moreover, free radicals affect every major organ of the body, brain not being an exception. It also plays a role in the prevention of body cells from not being damaged by free radicals. It has been highly recommended to people by nutritionists who suffer greatly from acute memory shortage and mental clarity. This super fruit has unparalleled effectiveness in providing benefits to the body organs including the brain.

Makes The Immune System StrongerMakes The Immune System Stronger

In this world of haste, we rarely get time to take care of our health in a proper manner. As our lives have become more complex, our work hours have increased for the desire of a better life. Added to the fact that we miss our daily healthy nutrients, the intake of junk food really affects our immune system to a massive extent. We had forgotten the fact the first line of defense that protects us from falling ill is our immune system. Carotenoid beta-carotene and the amino acid Cystine present in goji berry can have a positive effect in revitalizing our immune system .Goji berries also contain high zinc content which enhances the immune health and protects against viral illnesses like a cough and cold which are generally incurable. In fact, the immune functions of our body have been seen to receive a boost by the polysaccharides contained in goji berry.

Increases The Overall Energy Levels of The Body

Goji-berry is a powerhouse of nutrients. It increases the overall metabolism of the body which results in the proper breakdown of food and adds to the energy levels of the body rather than deposition of calories and increasing the fats and overall weight of the body. Fatigue can be reduced by the help of goji berry extracts. Goji berry contains several nutrients whose benefits are as follows:
Vitamin B:
Plays a crucial role in increasing the metabolism of the body.
Fiber: Increases the overall digestive capabilities of the body.
Zinc: Essential for several enzymatic purposes and overall synthesis of hormones which helps in thyroid function.
Iron: Helps in the transportation of oxygen to the organs and other body parts.
Calcium: Plays an important role in the regulation of hormones.
Amino acids: Amino acids act as building blocks of peptides and proteins.

Enhances Eyesight

Nowadays mankind is suffering from various ailments related to the eye. Though it is very difficult to reverse poor vision it is possible to protect the eye from further damage. Goji berry contains carotenoids which are antioxidant in nature and acts a precursor of vitamin A in the human body. Goji berry can be a potent natural medicine against various fatal conditions of the body and can act as an enhancer to the immune system as stated above due to the components present in it. Due to the anti-oxidant property of carotenoids, it has the capability to protect the human eye from oxidation and age-related macular degeneration.

Promotes Overall Well BeingPromotes Overall Well Being

From the already mentioned benefits, it is evident that goji-berry contains a unique concentration of unique components which can make us feel good and healthy. The overall health and mental condition of an individual can be positively impacted by the intake of these berries. It increases the overall metabolism of the body and thereby results in a decrease of fats from our body enabling us to feel good whenever we stand in front of the mirror.